• MPG Trial

    MPG Trial




    MPG is Four miles per gallon calculators in one. Features in trial version ... … Calculates MPG (miles per gallon) … Cost per mile … Cost per gallon … Cost per 100 miles … Cost per 1,000 miles … Cost to drive from LA to NY … Trip cost for gas … Gallons per 100 miles … Gallons per 1,000...

  • Trivia Buzzer

    Trivia Buzzer


    Trivia Buzzer was designed to emulate buttons and buzzers used on game shows such as Family Feud, Trivia, and 1 vs. 100, Sale of the Century. Trivia Buzzer is a simple app to help you perform the functions of a game show host. For example if you were using Trivia Buzzer in a trivia game, you...

  • Dog Training Guide

    Dog Training Guide




    Learn fast and simple dog training and puppy training tips and advice that will help you turn a difficult puppy or dog into an obedient Pet. Training a puppy or new dog when you first bring them home is critical. It is obvious that you need certain physical items such as a dog bed or crate, food...

  • Stacked Deck

    Stacked Deck




    Includes several advanced magic effects that any magician will enjoy and have fun performing. They are fun magic tricks with your phone and a deck of cards. Card tricks with phones do not get any better. Magic Effects included ... ... Crystal Ball - A spectator can name any card or select a card...

  • Slot Machine Calculator

    Slot Machine Calculator




    A simple Slot Machine Calculator to help you track your winnings and losses while playing slots at the casino. The free version ... ... keeps track of time played on a machine. ... amount of money invested during play. ... amonut of money cashed out during play. ... profit or loss for the...

  • Slot Machine Tracker

    Slot Machine Tracker


    Keep track of your winnings and losses at the slot machines at your favorite casino. Keep track by Casino, player, slot ID or slot number, or type of machine. Features ... ... shows winnings and losses for current day, month, year, and all recorded records. ... You will know which slot pays...

  • Craps Tracker

    Craps Tracker


    Keep track of your winnings and losses at the crap table. Keep track by Casino, player, crap table location, type of bets at the crap table, or crap table number. Great for tracking your play at the table. It can also be used for black jack, roulette, or any other casino table game. Features...

  • Theater Prop Manager

    Theater Prop Manager


    Theater Prop Manager is an aid to help Stage Managers keep track of all props used in a play. Keep track of all props used in a theater play. After entering the props used in a play, you can use any of several reports to track the props. All reports can be easily shared with your social...

  • Casino Log

    Casino Log




    Keep track of your winnings and losses at the Casino. Keep track by Casino, player, slot ID , slot number, table, or type of game. Answer questions like which casino gives me the best winnings per hour or which type of slot machine takes most of my money per hour. Shows your winnings or losses...

  • Spins Per Hour

    Spins Per Hour


    A simple app to help you calculate the spins per hour when playing slot machines at a casino. The calculations are based on a small sample size. You only need to take a small sample size to determine the estimated spins per hour. If you know the spins per hour you can easily calculate items...

  • Magic News

    Magic News




    Keep up with the world of magic. Magic News helps you keep up with the world of magic. Below are just a few things that change daily. •Current magic news: Learn what is currently happening in magic. •Daily party tips: Tips on how to spice up any party or entertainment event. •Daily jokes:...

  • Easy Magic 1

    Easy Magic 1




    Fun magic tricks and illusions. Includes... ...2 Much Sugar ...Buttonhole Puzzle ...Cell Phone Card Prediction ...Coffee Prediction ...coin Vanish ...Insulator Surprise ...Magic Words ...Match Pull ...Only Time Will Tell ...Piles Of Ten ...Predictable Years ...Rubber Band Levitation...

  • Magic Card Tricks

    Magic Card Tricks




    Become an Amazing Magician! Magic Card Tricks will show you how to do easy yet impressive magic tricks with playing cards. You will learn everything from sleight of hand to misdirection. Magic Card Tricks will teach several easy magic tricks that anyone can learn and perform for their friends....

  • Mystic Coin

    Mystic Coin




    Mystical Coin is an advanced magic coin trick designed by magicians for magicians. In the Virtual Coin effect, vanish a coin then make the coin magically appear in your phone. Then magically make turn the virtual coin into a real coin by removing it from the phone. In the Shadow Coin effect,...

  • Psychic Cards

    Psychic Cards




    Everything you ever wanted to know about relationships, work, travel, or just daily life. Psychic Cards includes card spreads for any type of psychic reading you might be interested in. You can even make your own psychic card spread. Features... ... Daily Card ... Three Card Psychic Reading ......

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