• Spins Per Hour

    Spins Per Hour


    A simple app to help you calculate the spins per hour when playing slot machines at a casino. The calculations are based on a small sample size. You only need to take a small sample size to determine the estimated spins per hour. If you know the spins per hour you can easily calculate items...

  • Magic News

    Magic News




    Keep up with the world of magic. Magic News helps you keep up with the world of magic. Below are just a few things that change daily. •Current magic news: Learn what is currently happening in magic. •Daily party tips: Tips on how to spice up any party or entertainment event. •Daily jokes:...

  • Easy Magic 1

    Easy Magic 1




    Fun magic tricks and illusions. Includes... ...2 Much Sugar ...Buttonhole Puzzle ...Cell Phone Card Prediction ...Coffee Prediction ...coin Vanish ...Insulator Surprise ...Magic Words ...Match Pull ...Only Time Will Tell ...Piles Of Ten ...Predictable Years ...Rubber Band Levitation...

  • Mystic Coin

    Mystic Coin




    Mystical Coin is an advanced magic coin trick designed by magicians for magicians. In the Virtual Coin effect, vanish a coin then make the coin magically appear in your phone. Then magically make turn the virtual coin into a real coin by removing it from the phone. In the Shadow Coin effect,...

  • Psychic Cards

    Psychic Cards




    Everything you ever wanted to know about relationships, work, travel, or just daily life. Psychic Cards includes card spreads for any type of psychic reading you might be interested in. You can even make your own psychic card spread. Features... ... Daily Card ... Three Card Psychic Reading ......

  • Stopwatch



    Stopwatch is a simple and easy to use stopwatch for your phone. Features … … A large time display. … Fast and easy to use interface. … History of times. … You can share the history with anyone on your social network.

  • Witches Brew

    Witches Brew




    Start your day with a smile. The more ingredients you put in the Witches Brew pot the better your day will be.

  • Theater Set Designer

    Theater Set Designer




    Designed for theater directors, stage managers, actors, actresses, stage crew and variety entertainers. Tools that will help that will help you in your theater and acting career. Features… … add drawings of furniture and props. … add text. … add drawings of walls, windows, and doors. … share...

  • Theater and Acting

    Theater and Acting




    Tools that will help that will be assets to your theater and acting career. Theater and acting helps you … …Get the latest news about theater and acting. …Find casting calls that are listed in the news. …Connect to the Screen Actors Guild website. …Connect to The Internet Movie Database....

  • Daily Psychic Reading

    Daily Psychic Reading




    Everything you ever wanted to know about relationships, work, travel, or just daily life. Psychic Cards includes card spreads for any type of psychic reading you might be interested in. Features... In Demo Version ... Daily Card In Pro Version ... Three Card Psychic Reading ... Five Card...

  • Wheel Games

    Wheel Games




    Wheel Games The most spinning wheel games you will find anywhere. If the wheel you want is not here, just tell lus about it and we will try to add them as quickly as we can. Three modes of operation. You can now spin the pointer, the wheel, or both. Simple Games Just pick a game, spin the wheel...

  • My Diary

    My Diary


    A diary is something that many of us cherish and wouldn't be without. A diary can often have great therapeutic benefit. A diary can help you deal with the stresses of modern life and create something highly personal that's a record of your life. Use My Diary on a regular basis to report...

  • My Dogs

    My Dogs




    Use My Dogs to keep track of what is happening in the life of your pet. You can keep track of your dogs shot, vet visits, microchip number and much more. There is no limit to the number of pets you can keep track of. Use the built in database to: Track your dog’s exercise. Track your dog’s...

  • Dog Age Calculator

    Dog Age Calculator




    How old is your dog in human years. This app makes it easy to calculate your dogs age in human years.

  • Think Tank

    Think Tank




    Thank tank started out as a fun math trivia and calculator project. It was intended to be an application that could be used in a party environment. You can calculate something then give some unusual facts that related to the calculation. For example, after a calculation you could quickly tell...

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