• My Dogs

    My Dogs




    Use My Dogs to keep track of what is happening in the life of your pet. You can keep track of your dogs shot, vet visits, microchip number and much more. There is no limit to the number of pets you can keep track of. Use the built in database to: Track your dog’s exercise. Track your dog’s...

  • Dog Age Calculator

    Dog Age Calculator




    How old is your dog in human years. This app makes it easy to calculate your dogs age in human years.

  • Think Tank

    Think Tank




    Thank tank started out as a fun math trivia and calculator project. It was intended to be an application that could be used in a party environment. You can calculate something then give some unusual facts that related to the calculation. For example, after a calculation you could quickly tell...

  • ESP Transmitter

    ESP Transmitter




    ESP Transmitter was designed for psychic entertainers and magicians. ESP Transmitter allows you to perform several psychic effects, magic effects, and mind reading effects. Mind reading effect: The magician or psychic stands on stage in a theater. He is blindfolded. Anyone in the audience is...

  • Mystery Shopping Aid

    Mystery Shopping Aid




    Easily collect the information you need to fill out mystery shopping reports. This app is designed to help people who are already mystery shoppers. It does have a list of companies that provide mystery shopping and links to their web sites but it does not provide any mystery shopping training....

  • ImageFX





    ImageFX does contain some simple magic effects but its main purpose is to tie all the ImageFX apps together. This allows you to easily use your image in any of the ImageFX series. Montysmagic has produced a series of photography apps that are part of our ImageFX series. Each of these apps are...

  • Convolution Matrix

    Convolution Matrix


    Create professional quality pictures on your phone. Convolution Matrix is a powerful photo editing app that allows you to Fine-tune your pictures with advanced controls. Create artistic photographic that are not possible with any other type of photographic filter. Turn your photos into art...

  • Touch Of Color

    Touch Of Color




    Touch of Color is a great way to make your picture stand out. Your picture is first converted to a grayscale image. Then simply touch the screen to add the color back to any part of the image you want. For example you can have a bright red apple on a grayscale background. That will really make...

  • Picture Watermark

    Picture Watermark




    Picture Watermark Protect your copyright. Add a water mark to your pictures and drawings before you post them on the internet. Make sure you get proper credit if that picture you just took of your favorite pet goes viral. Are other people using your pictures on their website without giving...

  • Color Filters

    Color Filters


    If the colors in your digital pictures don't look right, you can correct or enhance them. With Color Filters you can easily adjust the colors of any photograph. You have complete control of the red, green, blue, and alpha channels. For example, you can add more red to make the picture appear...

  • Text Effects

    Text Effects


    Text Effects is a simple application that allows you to add text to pictures. Features ….. … Lots of fonts are available. … Text size is changeable. … Text color is changeable. … Text can be drawn on any path Text Effects is the easiest way to add cool text to your photos. Makes sharing your...

  • Green Screen Magic

    Green Screen Magic




    You can easily change same-color backgrounds on your pictures to any background you like. Re-create Green Screen and Blue Screen effects on your pictures without expensive equipment. Known as Green Screen, Blue Screen and Chroma Key, this tool allows you to change the background of your...

  • Log Book

    Log Book




    Log Book The perfect Log Book, Diary or journal. Keep a daily record, especially a personal record of events, experiences, and observations. Log book is a book for use in keeping a personal record of everythin or anything. Home Screen The main menu allows you to add items to the diary or to...

  • Card N Phone

    Card N Phone


    A named card magically appears in the crystal ball. This magic trick is easy to learn and easy to perform. Your friends will be amazed. A spectator names any card. It then magically appears inside a picture of a crystal ball in your phone. An amazing magic card trick with your phone. Any card...

  • Voodoo Doll Lite

    Voodoo Doll Lite




    Voodoo Doll is great for stress relief. If you are having trouble venting stress this is the app for you. Pick a target avatar and stick pins in it. Who knows what the results will be. Are you frustrated? Do you hate someone? Let off some steam, get revenge, entertain co-workers, and vent your...

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