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Slide! is a challenging puzzle game where your task is to guide your penguin as he slides through 80 levels, avoiding obstacles and hazards along the way, only using a limited number of tools: * Turn: change the penguin’s direction as he slides * Whirlpool: warp to the next whirlpool (Left to right, top to bottom) when your penguin slides into it…

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Shiftyx Free

Shiftyx is a falling block puzzle game, in the same genre as games like Tetris, Meteos and Bejeweled, where your goal is to align 3 or more of the same color blocks by shifting the game board in a variety of ways. Shiftyx Free is an advertisment enabled version of Shiftyx that also lacks the online leaderboard and achievement features, as well as…

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Slide! Deluxe

Slide! Deluxe is the same great Slide! game play with the following additional features: * Ad free! * Level Builder with the ability to export your levels to QR codes which can be sent to or scanned by your friends, or even posted online, allowing others to play your creations on their mobile devices. * 20 Brand new levels * Skipable score countin…

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