• HD Video Player Pro




    "HD video player Pro", the best video player. The professional version of the "HD video player" supports all the most popular video formats without any conversion. It smart core technology automatically detects the video format, making it easier for you to enjoy smoother,...

  • Equalizer Music Player




    Equalizer Music player is a music and video player which with Equalizer ,Bass Booster and Visualizer. Improve sound quality on your Android device. Make your music and video sounds like never before. Support folder player. Equalizer is a volume slider with live music stereo led VU meter and...

  • Music Player Free




    "Music!Music!" will play an important role in your phone's use. Music Player is completely free Open source player. This is a music application built on 2.3 support Android 1.6 and later . Music Player Free was designed with both the easy and advanced listener in mind. The easy to...

  • Pool Master Pro




    Welcome the Download Master Pro game! Which Android first top game of billiards, and it is completely free of charge! Billiards originated in Britain, Billiards, also known as snooker, Pool Master , it is an international widely popular elegant indoor sports, is a kind of club hitting the stage,...

  • Chinese Chess




    Chinese Chess, exercise your intellect and thinking, cultivate your sentiments.In the chessboard,Car without wheels,Horse without reins,But when hear the sounds of checking,Be careful! This game you can do: 1.match with computer.This model five levels,you can pass level when you Winning over...

  • Battery Experts




    "Battery Experts" displays the battery of your phone. Battery Experts is a small, stylish and elegant application, it will be your tracking your Android device current percentage of battery power. With "Battery Experts", you can at any time anywhere your phone has enough...

  • Sokoban




    Sokoban is a puzzle game that originated in Japan. Sokoban is a warehouse manager mean in Japanese.The purpose of this game is to develop your logical thinking ability.When all the boxes witch in a crowded warehouse are pushed into the target location with as less of steps,than you will pass...

  • Video Player




    Best video player on the Android platform , there is no one . Simple and easy to use , without conversion, directly copy the video on your PC to the phone anytime, anywhere viewing . It is really easy and convenient for you to play your videos without troublesome conversion. Video Player is a...

  • Leaf falling Live Wallpaper




    Falling Leaves Live Wallpaper. This is a simple and good-looking 3d wallpaper, Enjoy relaxing falling leaves with this live wallpaper. Look up at the trees while colored autumn leaves slowly tumble down around you. Not a movie, wallpaper full advantage of OpenGL, and support both home screen...

  • 动态壁纸动态雪景


    本应用为美丽的动态雪景动态壁纸软件。 美丽的雪景,再加上纷飞飘落的白雪,定会让你的桌面美丽之余,更显个性。

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