• Chime Timer




    Chime Timer is a simple configurable timer app, with nice chime sounds. It lets you create up to four timer configurations, each of which can have a pre-timer, a start bell, and an end bell. Chime Timer keeps running in the background even if you navigate away to some other app; so you can play...

  • Audalyzer




    A simple audio analyzer for your phone. Displays a waveform, frequency spectrum, sonagram, and VU Meter. dB levels are shown relative to your device's maximum input level. No calibration facility -- maybe one day. Please see the help for a user's manual. Sorry, but due to the time...

  • Dazzle Configurable Switcher




    The ultimate switcher bar for your phone. Choose from 4 widget sizes, and choose which controls it shows: ringer, sync, WiFi, BT, GPS, airplane, or brightness with min/max/preset (and auto toggle on some phones). Dazzle is a WIDGET, NOT AN APP: you have to install it on your home page. Please...

  • Substrate Live Wallpapers




    A set of live wallpapers, each displaying a slowly changing pattern which gradually evolves in your home screen. These subtle animations save battery power and keep your home screen responsive. The hacks collected here are the work of J.Tarbell / Sorry, but due to the time...

  • 7.0

    Scrambled Net




    Addictive and simple puzzle game with five difficulty levels

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