• Application Installer

    Application Installer




    AppInstaller allows you to install applications(.apk) from your external storage (e.g. SD card). You can also uninstall application or backup application to external storage(NOT app2sd) by this tool. #KW app installer,install,app install,installer,appinstaller,app installer,easy installer,apk...

  • Horoscopes





    A good way to start your day is to read your horoscopes. First download this app Free Daily Horoscopes. Astrology gives us insight into all life situations, all types of people, organizations, pets, relationships and more. It reveals to us our core values and characteristics. It guides us into...

  • Gazeteler





    This is a Turkish only application. You can read Turkish national newspapers within this application. You can read Milliyet, Hürriyet, Sabah, Star, Vatan, Fanatik, Zaman, Cumhuriyet, NTVMSNBC, TRT, Internet Haber, Ajans spor, BBC Türkçe, Akşam, Birgün, Bugün, CNN Türk, En son Haber, Evrensel,...

  • Hellium Sound

    Hellium Sound




    Do you want to hear your sound with hellium effect? Try this application.

  • 1 Click Uninstaller

    1 Click Uninstaller




    Easiest tool to uninstall applications from your phone. Telefonunuzdan program kaldırmanın en kolay yolu.

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