• RC3D




    Application like a Rubik's Cube. Trial use period two days No warranty.

  • Androidjustsaw




    Silent camera Do not use in criminal acts It is safe for security but also to the battery because there is no wasted permission for advertising. No warranty

  • Who did screen-on?


    When screen-on is carried out, a photograph is taken with a front camera, and it records who turned on the screen. No warranty

  • Scrap Maker




    It is the application which patches a picture. When an error occurs frequently, please set up to raise the reduction rate of a big picture on a setting screen. The advertising module of incorporated company mediba is contained in this application. A visitor's user information is collected...

  • AndroidSaw(free)




    Abstract. This application is a tool which changes a portable device to a security camera. when go out and the appearance of an inner house worries can be used. It is a mail account (it is not necessary to use android's account) to MProvider. A suitable mail account may be sufficient. It...

  • Are you this developer?