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  • Subject World: Student Edition

    Subject World: Student Edition




    Subject World is a dynamic tool that allows students to reflect upon their performance across their chosen subjects. It is a tool designed by a teacher to meet the needs of all students. Subject World allows the following: 1) Create a subject list - inc. Tutor 2) Enter half termly assessments...

  • Maths Student Diagnostic Tool

    Maths Student Diagnostic Tool




    The Maths GCSE Diagnostic Tool is a skills based assessment program. The app successfully highlights your strengths and your areas to develop within the subject. This is a very useful and accurate tool to use prior to any test to help rank which revision topics are of the most importance. The...

  • Subject World: Teacher Edition

    Subject World: Teacher Edition




    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During initial testing of this app, access to student data is only available to Hinchingbrooke School (UK) teaching staff only. Hinchingbrooke...

  • Maths Teacher Diagnostic Tool

    Maths Teacher Diagnostic Tool




    This Teacher Diagnostic Tool will allow you to pull all of your student's data from my database if students are using the Maths Diagnostic Tool app. It allows you to look for trends and focus revision sessions on collective areas of weakness or, help to improve individual one to one support....

  • Maths Little Genius

    Maths Little Genius




    As part of a daily routine, "Maths Little Genius" will not only develop mental arithmetic speed and confidence, it will also make future progress with a wider range of topics much easier. “Maths Little Genius” is the most thorough app for developing numeracy skills. It combines 2 of...

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