• Hands Up Video




    Mr.Animation is bringing you his newest hip hop musical fashion of street dancing to a original track he produced this free video is spreading around the globe through out the entertainment industry.Make sure you check out other apps in Mr.Animation collections on Google play Thank You Enjoy!

  • Hip Hop Dance Fitness Live


    Android devices have great videos online to styles primarily on hip hop music or dance that have evolved as a culture. This includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, and popping which were created in the 1970s by African Americans. What separates hip hop dance from other forms of...

  • Free Dubstep Dance Moves Vol 1




    Watch Mr.Animation new popping moves to Dubstep music live on your device from performing his latest show in Los Angeles i got a mix style of my own like the "king of pop" this app you will see me transforming from Oldschool Hip Hop to the newest style of today. With a little bit a...

  • Obama Comedy Show Dance Off


    Mr.Animation brings the house down with this one lighting up the world with great laughter.he performs this skit in coffs harbor Australia.check him out as he transforms into comedy dance robot to a dubstep musical this dance style is very popular in today's time...enjoy it Thank You...

  • Moon Run Back Slide Vol 2


    The moonrun is a dance technique that presents the illusion of the dancer slide running backwards while attempting to run forward. Its a form of things can be staged for popping,sports,Broadway musical, mime routines,moonwalk to moonrun..You know back history the moonwalking received widespread...

  • Moon Run Dance Up Close Vol 3


    Mr.Animation created a great way of sliding backwards, that more he call it the moon run slide not moon walk...A very fun move to do wants you have studied Vol 1 and 2 and its excited and amazing to watch,wants you have it down to a science.I have a close up version and my final one volume 3 you...

  • Dance Moves To Dubstep Vol 2


    Now On Your Android Mr.Animation is about to teach you street dance popping moves to Dubstep music.So get ready to learn my new soul root of dance i have been working hard and now im ready to bring it to you raw from new school mix with animation popping robotic and a unique style of hip hop...

  • My Free Basic Moon Run Vol 1


    From The Creator Mr.Animation Is Now Teaching You His Signature Move Here For The First Time In 25 Years This Version Is Free. Also You Can Get The Advanced Vol 2-3 Available Right Here On Google play Thank You!

  • Mr.Animation Film Behind Mask


    You are about to experience Mr Animation before the crowds,before the mask... this is your moment to take part of history and see Mr Animation Movie "THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK" How he lives and performs from around the world,from his inside home in Los Angeles, Venice Beach...

  • 3 Music Videos In The Zone




    Mr. Animation is giving you 3 of his very first music videos. He has developed over the years with a variety of talents such as music production, co-writing films, stage performances, and comedy dance skits. These videos allow you to see his skills behind and in front of the camera. Download his...

  • Mr.Animation Documentary Life


    Watch Mr.Animation On Demand, Full Streaming Documentary on your android mobile phone.This feature length 30 minutes long.This independent video lives around his entertainment career still to this day he qrotes i would not be here if it was not for the inspirations people that came from same...

  • Mr.Animation Live On Stage


    This app provides with Mr.Animation latest stage presence along with the new generation.You Can get A Wide Variety Of styles such as Pop, Hip Hop,Popping And other dance elements enjoy combinations and great Choreography by Jacob Jonas And Mr.Animation Thank You

  • Free Holiday Gift From Santa


    Greetings! Download free til dec-31st Android Market is giving you a free Streaming Video download for your device. Enjoy your free Christmas video featuring Mr. Animation. This is his gift to you for the holidays. It plays your favorite hip-hop Christmas raps from old school music pioneers...

  • Mr.Animation Free App




    Vincent Kowitz Foster Known As Mr.Animation Was Born On October 17 1966,One Of Eleven Brothers And Sisters.Raised By My Mother And Father, We Grew Up"In The Streets Of 's South Central LA.By The Age Of 15 In My Neighborhood,Gangs "Was A Dead End Road That Offered Few Escape Routes...

  • Fast Exercise Energy Booster




    We are all very busy these days but it's nothing like feeling more energetic and self-confident about your mind, body, and soul. This app is a fun, fast exercise you can use on your lunch break as a great energy booster without breaking a sweat! Mr. Animation shows you a quick hip-hop dance...

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