• 5.0

    Simple Checkin for Foursquare




    Simple Checkin tracks nearby venues and places and allows you to check-in (really fast) in Foursqaure.

  • Wi-fi Check-in for Foursquare




    Check-in to foursquare automatically (auto checkin)! ** If you have any issues, please email me. I haven't been able to test on every phone ** KNOWN BUGS: - You might not get a notification on older android devices (< 4.0). I'm working to fix this now. Map your saved wifi networks...

  • Santa Game: Simon Says




    Test your memory with this christmas-themed memory game. Copy the computer for as many turns as you can. It's simple to learn, hard to master! The perfect game for kids during the holidays. - Simple, challenging, and festive! - Three game modes - Stats galore (high-scores, average, etc) -...

  • GeoPop




    A unique puzzle game in which you must pop geometric shapes as fast as possible before the timer runs out. Only the nimblest fingers will be able to get the highest scores! - Fun pick up and play - very simple to learn, hard to master - kid friendly: colorful, simple - Quick play-sessions that...

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