MS apps

  • American English Conversation




    American English conversation is helpful app to help you Learn English speaking.With more than 2800 american conversation audio file in most of the categories will help you improve your spoken american english. Features: - 2 listenning modes (in Settings menu) + Audio streaming: Enable -...

  • Speak English Daily




    Speak English Daily is is helpful app for learning to speak English. The program contains lessons that give special attention to English pronunciation and everyday language. With over 100 lessons based on a real world conversation. And Most Common English Phrases, Words with more than 4000 audio...

  • Bible In English




    Bible In English is helpful app. It support World English version and King James version, with more than 1100 audio, that allow you to explore the Bible. Features: - 2 version is World English and King James (in Detail screen) - 2 listenning modes (in Settings menu) + Audio streaming: Enable -...

  • Memory training for kids




    MEMORY TRAINING FOR KIDS Game is classic game for child. It help your child improve memory,knowing skills through themes of game.

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