MSB Events

  • Аудит 2013




    2-ая ежегодная конференция Внутренний аудит 19.09-20.09.2013, Москва, Россия. До недавнего времени служба внутреннего аудита играла роль «ревизора», на плечи которого ложилась ответственность за контрольные функции бизнеса. Однако, новые условия рынка диктуют для компаний все более жесткие...

  • SSC 2013




    II Annual conference SHARED SERVICE CENTRES: INTEGRATING THE BEST PRACTICES 11.09-13.09.2013 Budapest, Hungary Optimizing SSC operations: Aiming at service and management quality increase and cost reduction. Saying goodbye to the warm summer and greeting the business active fall, leading SSC...

  • Theatre 2.0


    "International conference Innovations in Theatre Management 16.05-17.05.2013, Vienna, Austria Official website of the conference"

  • Museum 2.0 - MSB Event


    "The Art of Managing Art" Best practices and innovations in museum and art gallery management 14-15 of February 2013, Prague, Czech Republic Official website of the conference: This application only for...

  • PR360⁰


    PR360⁰: INTERNATIONAL PR, CSR AND SPONSORSHIP LEADERS FORUM 25.04 - 27.05.2012, Moscow, Russia In modern world, it is crucial to develop and support all social initiatives and integrate on all company levels. It is the moment, when all the main market players are beginning to pay much attention...

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