• Honk




    Do you like to honk ?!? I'm sure you do!! Play with the schoolbus, the truck, the oldcar, the scooter and (**********************NEW*******************) the ambulance!!!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! You just have to tap on the vehicle! Thank you!! Try it!!!!!

  • Lello the Donkey




    Ehi!! Hello!! I'm Lello the Donkey!! Touch me and you'll see what I'll say in the language of the donkeys. ********NEW********* New Styles!!!! Now I'm Normal, Angry, Sad and Tiny!!!! Try the new Animations!! :) :) :) I'm the king of the animals and of my stable!!

  • Pino the Talking Pig




    Hi!! I'm Pino, do you remember me??? Let's type something on the box above me!!! I Wanna talk to you!!! I have got plenty of thinks to say!! I hope to be funny for you!!! ******NEW******* 2 New styles added!! Pino Chinese and Ghost!!!! TRY IT!!! It's a funny syntetizer, you...

  • Little Pig




    Ehi play with me! I'm Pino the Pig! I have something to tell you in the language of pigs!!! Please, if you like it rate the app with a positive feedback. *********************NEW***************** Pino Chinese, Ghost Pino !!!! *********************NEW****************** Now Pino has some...

  • Lino the Lamb




    Ehi play with me! I'm Lino the Lamb! I have something to tell you in the languages of pigs!!!I also have something to show you!! I really hope to make you laugh!! Just click on me and listen what I want to say from the animal kingdom and the slang of the stable!!! :) :) :) :) My mom, the...

  • The greedy Chick




    HI!!! I'm Tino the greedy Chick. I ate too much today!! Please help me, touch my belly and... listen :) :) :) I hope to make you laugh a lot!!! Listen my burp!! :) :) I love the language of animals!!

  • Pino The Pig full


    Hi! I'm Pino. I have something to tell you!! Touch me!!! I'll tell you something from the world of the pigs!!! I'm a nice pig :) I love the language of the animals! I have some new Styles than the free version!! I can be: Pino Rapper, Blond Pino, Brow Pino and the other Pinos...

  • CarTimes




    CarTimes allows you to monitor and capture statistics from your trip! All you have to do is to enter your car’s gas consumption (Km per liter or miles per gallon), and a fuel price. This app will show you the length of the trip, the distance you have traveled, your maximum speed, your average...

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