• Crystal Guide Pocket Edition




    The award-winning premium reference for crystals, gem stones and minerals. Includes detailed facts, geological and crystal healing data (including spiritual, numerology, elixir and chakra information) for hundreds of stones, in a fully searchable and browsable format. Our extensive database...

  • Crystal Widget




    A simple set of no fuss widgets that display beautiful crystal images (in daily and/or hourly modes). Every crystal includes highly detailed facts, geological data and crystal healing, spiritual, numerology, elixir and chakra information. There are hundreds of gemstones included, each with its...

  • Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Ed.




    The award-winning premium pocket reference for tropical fish and aquatic plants. It includes detailed care sheets, facts, biological data and compatibility information for hundreds of freshwater fish and plants. Suitable for all ages and experience levels. Our extensive encyclopaedia of home...

  • Vet Nurse Quick Reference




    A quick reference guide for veterinary nurse professionals. Contains a comprehensive reference of normal parameters and ranges for small and common household pets. A perfect pocket companion for vets and vet nurses / vet technicians on the go. FEATURES: ✔ Quick animal references for 18...

  • Tropical Fish Widget




    A simple set of no fuss widgets that display beautiful freshwater tropical fish images (in daily and/or hourly modes). Every image includes it's own set of highly detailed facts, biological data and care sheet information. FEATURES: ✔ Includes daily (fish of the day) widgets and hourly...

  • Gem Carat Weight Calculator




    The premium grade gemstone weight calculation tool from the authors of the award-winning Crystal Guide Pocket Edition app. Gem Carat Weight Calculator allows fast, accurate weight calculations to be performed by taking a few simple measurements for diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and 300+ other...

  • Rankins Dragon Mobile




    The official mobile version of our popular reference site (rankinsdragon.co.uk) for Rankins Dragon owners. Contains detailed setup and care sheet information for Rankin's Dragons (Pogona Rankini/Henrylawsoni lizards), a small reptile similar to the Bearded Dragon, as well as special mobile...

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