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ICD 9-10

MTBC’s innovative application for ICD10 transition is an extraordinary tool for medical practices and physicians to convert ICD-9 diagnostic codes to ICD-10 version of comprehensive coding. This handy time-saving tool includes all the ICD9 codes and their respective ICD10 codes. Our ICD 9-10 converter/application provide you a fast ICD10 code searc…

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MTBC Personal Health Record (PHR) has brought its users the satisfaction of having direct access to one’s detailed health information and background. Scheduling appointments with your doctor and viewing medical history was never this easy. PHR is a safe and user-friendly application to keep track of all your lab reports, claims and amount you owe.…

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MTBCiRx has made mobile e-prescribing easy for healthcare providers. Whether they are in the office, at the hospital, or even at home providers can review a patient’s chart, view current and past medications, refill medications and submit new prescriptions to a patient’s pharmacy. NOT CURRENTLY AN MTBC CLIENT? Use the "Demo" link to log…

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MTBC Dictate

MTBC now brings you another android application to further enable digital medicine for our clients. MTBC Dictate allows physicians to record their patient charts, dictate transcription codes and notes conveniently in their android device and then simply upload the audio recording file to their EMR portal, and receive transcribed records and patien…

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MTBC iCheckIn

MTBC has introduced iCheckIn: a simple and economical Android tablet application to automate the patient check-in process and provides more self service options to your patients so, providers can reduce their administrative costs, valuable time and save money. By using iCheckIn, your patients can: • View appointment • Manage & update their…

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