• Digit span PLAY

    Digit span PLAY




    Digit span PLAY is the game. You should input the numbers that the navigator read out. Make your working memory excel. Don't make memos. Navigators : HATSUNE MIKU (English, Japanese) LUO TIANYI (Chinese) SeeU (Korean) YUDUKI YUKARI (German) MEIKO (Russian) EULA...

  • Wi-Fi sync Screen

    Wi-Fi sync Screen




    "Wi-Fi sync Screen" synchronizes Wi-Fi-enablement with the screen power. If you disable Wi-Fi-sleep, "Wi-Fi sync Screen" will be helpful to save the battery. Don't make "Wi-Fi sync Screen" coexist with the other applications that modify Wi-Fi configuration...

  • Vigorous eyes!2

    Vigorous eyes!2




    "Vigorous eyes!2" supports stretching with the TSUBO massage. VOCALOID characters will guide you. Attention: If you feel bad, stop stretching. Casting VOCALOIDs and UTAUs: HATSUNE MIKU, KAGAMINE RIN, KAGAMINE LEN, MEGURINE LUKA, GUMI(Megpoid), SeeU, KAITO, AKITA NERU, YOWANE HAKU,...

  • Vigorous eyes!

    Vigorous eyes!




    "Vigorous eyes!2" Released! "Vigorous eyes!" supports stretching your eyes with "Looking upward and closing opening method". Attention: If you feet bad, stop stretching. Volume Flick-Control Flick...

  • Shuffle!V





    Shuffle!V is the casual concentration card game. VOCALOID & UTAU characters will spend time with you. Please enjoy Shuffle!V. Characters: HATSUNE MIKU, KAGAMINE RIN, KAGAMINE LEN, MEGURINE LUKA, SeeU, LUO TIANYI, KASANE TETO, MIKUDAYOH, YOWANE HAKU, KASANE TETO, MIKUDAYOH, YOWANE HAKU, KAITO,...

  • Calcu100





    Calcu100 is the quick Calculation game. Let's strengthen your count ability. Casting voice: Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka (VOCALOID) If you answer all question matchings correctly , you will be able to play Hard mode. [How to play] 1. Selectthe symbol of formula and quantitity, 2. Tap the...

  • Net Trouble Help

    Net Trouble Help




    [Net Trouble Help] is the manual for a trouble of Data-transmission. Although you enable Data-transmission, Android smartphones rarely can't connect to mobile network. When your smartphone is disconnected, you can't search the internet for the trouble. If you install [Net Trouble Help] in...

  • sl command for Android

    sl command for Android




    "sl command for Android" is the ported application from UNIX. This is one of the ultimate unusable applications. Enduser lisence agreement (EULA)

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