• Digit span PLAY




    Digit span PLAY is the game. You should input the numbers that the navigator read out. Make your working memory excel. Don't make memos. Navigators : HATSUNE MIKU (English, Japanese) LUO TIANYI (Chinese) SeeU (Korean) YUDUKI YUKARI (German) MEIKO (Russian) EULA...

  • Wi-Fi sync Screen




    "Wi-Fi sync Screen" synchronizes Wi-Fi-enablement with the screen power. If you disable Wi-Fi-sleep, "Wi-Fi sync Screen" will be helpful to save the battery. Don't make "Wi-Fi sync Screen" coexist with the other applications that modify Wi-Fi configuration...

  • Vigorous eyes!2




    "Vigorous eyes!2" supports stretching with the TSUBO massage. VOCALOID characters will guide you. Attention: If you feel bad, stop stretching. Casting VOCALOIDs and UTAUs: HATSUNE MIKU, KAGAMINE RIN, KAGAMINE LEN, MEGURINE LUKA, GUMI(Megpoid), SeeU, KAITO, AKITA NERU, YOWANE HAKU,...

  • Vigorous eyes!




    "Vigorous eyes!2" Released! "Vigorous eyes!" supports stretching your eyes with "Looking upward and closing opening method". Attention: If you feet bad, stop stretching. Volume Flick-Control Flick...

  • Shuffle!V




    Shuffle!V is the casual concentration card game. VOCALOID & UTAU characters will spend time with you. Please enjoy Shuffle!V. Characters: HATSUNE MIKU, KAGAMINE RIN, KAGAMINE LEN, MEGURINE LUKA, SeeU, LUO TIANYI, KASANE TETO, MIKUDAYOH, YOWANE HAKU, KASANE TETO, MIKUDAYOH, YOWANE HAKU, KAITO,...

  • Calcu100




    Calcu100 is the quick Calculation game. Let's strengthen your count ability. Casting voice: Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka (VOCALOID) If you answer all question matchings correctly , you will be able to play Hard mode. [How to play] 1. Selectthe symbol of formula and quantitity, 2. Tap the...

  • Net Trouble Help




    [Net Trouble Help] is the manual for a trouble of Data-transmission. Although you enable Data-transmission, Android smartphones rarely can't connect to mobile network. When your smartphone is disconnected, you can't search the internet for the trouble. If you install [Net Trouble Help] in...

  • sl command for Android




    "sl command for Android" is the ported application from UNIX. This is one of the ultimate unusable applications. Enduser lisence agreement (EULA)

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