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Problem Solved PC Repair

Problem Solved PC Repair offers fast, affordable computer repairs from a respected, Utah-local, and well-known PC support and repair company with 13 years experience.

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Good Guys with Guns

True Stories of Self-Defense(tm) Approximately 2.5 million times each year, Good Guys with Guns were able to stop a violent crime in its tracks! But the mainstream media doesn't tell you that. A woman lawfully carrying a concealed handgun reduces the likelihood that she'll be murdered by 300% to 400%! But again, the mainstream media does…

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Gun Dudes Radio Podcast

*** NOTICE: **************************************************** The GunDudes are no longer recording new episodes. We'll keep the app around as long as the GunDudes episodes are online. ******************************************************************* The OFFICIAL Android App of the GunDudes Radio Podcast! The Gun Dudes are a bunch of Seco…

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Joe Levi

Joe Levi: Hints, Tips, Solutions, and Warnings from a Web Geek Who is Joe the Web Guy? Joe Levi, known to his friends as Joe the Web Guy, is a web geek and CSS guru with 17 years' experience in web development; HTML markup; styling with CSS; and enhancing user experiences with dhtml, javascript, and jquery. He was hired by his current employ…

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GRN: Gun Rights Network

After the Gun Rights Radio Network (GRRN) shut down in February 2014, we wanted to keep the momentum going, and continue the community that Mark Vanderberg had started. To that end the Gun Rights Network (GRN) was formed. Collectively, the Gun Rights Network brings together young and old, male and female, black and white, liberal and conservative…

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