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  • Meditation Helper Pro




    This is the professional version of Meditation Helper. Try out the free version first to see if you like it. The professional version has all the features of the free version plus: The ability to choose your own bell sound, or use any alert ringtone on your phone. Better sitting log, including...

  • Meditation Helper




    A meditation timer which allows you to set a target for the length of time you want to meditate each day. It includes a widget that displays the number of consecutive days you have hit the target. It is thus useful not only as a timer, but also as a tool to help motivate you to meditate...

  • Notifications of Mindfulness




    Notifications of Mindfulness (Nom) This application was inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh who, in Peace is Every Step, talks about bells of mindfulness: "In my tradition, we use temple bells to remind us to come back to the present moment. Every time we hear the bell, we stop talking, stop our...

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