• TakeCarE




    TakeCarE is an application designed to allow you have the control of your vehicle. Save all your reviews, maintenances and the application will let you see in any moment everything you saved. Also you can save the mileage and thus you can see how is growing up through graphs.

  • Shopping List




    Now you can make a list in no time and with all the data you need. Shopping List will learn from you and with time will tell how much product you should add to the list. Are you're going to do the same list last month?, No matter just touch copy and he will create a new list for you. You...

  • Soft. Fuerza de Ventas G & D




    Muchas de las empresas cuentan con empleados que deben moverse hasta los clientes para ofrecer sus productos, para esto el empleado cuenta con catalogo que provee la empresa pero.. ese catalogo a la hora de verlo un esta muy actualizado. Por otra parte un vez visitado el cliente, el empleado...

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