Munchie Games

  • Surprise Egg Christmas Arcade


    Surprise Egg Christmas arcade is simple Christmas fun! Two possible games you play to try to win the virtual Surprise Chocolate Egg Achievements! 5 secret possible virtual prizes cycle in the chocolate eggs and some are rare! Game 1 is Christmas Spritz Cookie Factory! Try to squirt the cookie...

  • Fry Cook Crispy Catfish




    Working in a restaurant is challenging, especially for the fry cook! Fry Cook Crispy Catfish lets you be the fry cook in a crispy Fish and Chips house! Just make sure not to burn 4 filet's or you'll lose! Just take the fish out of the fryer when it's crispy. If your good at cooking...

  • Green Apple Stacker




    Free physics and stack game, Green Apple Stacker! This new unique stacking game is fun! Stack the Green Apple mascots as high as you can, to reach ice chunks and higher to reach the Purple Grape Clusters(in app purchase only)! If you stack above the line you'll get picked up by the blue...

  • Fudge Brownie Dressup Game




    Fudge Brownie Designer is the ultimate fun dieting app and game! You lose weight because you design a virtual brownie with brownie frosting chocolate chips, drizzled chocolate, more chocolate, even more chocolate, then white chocolate and now start adding nuts! When your finished with your...

  • Black Berry Picker




    Fun Fruit target game Alpine Black Berry Picker!! Blackberry picking is fun, especially with a squirrel side kick! Watch the berries ripen on the branches, when they start turning red you can start picking! Try to target the berry box below, when your berries reach the line you can win an...

  • Strawberry Shortcake Dressup




    Strawberry Shortcake Dressup! This Free Dressup and Cooking game is actually a cute Dessert Dress up game! You get some delicious virtual sponge cakes to add all kinds of yummy fruits and whipped cream to! You also get some virtual Ice cream scoops, chocolate cookies, and lots of sliced...

  • Candy Bar Dressup




    Candy Bar Dressup is the ultimate free candy game! When you bite into a candy bar you see layers, wouldn't it be fun to make your own? Now you can! You get a lot of yummy layers in this game to stack, then you get a ton of peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds and more to pile between the layers! You...

  • Strawberry Shortcake FarmBerry




    Strawberry Shortcake is a top dessert, and this game shows you how to create it! You get a collection of organic farm fresh strawberry slices and wild baby strawberries(virtual of course!) You get a sponge cake bottom and fruity cake layers! Then there is the whipped cream section with many...

  • Pancake Designer , Diner game




    The ultimate Free Pancake cooking Game! Pancake designer is here! Everyone has there favorite breakfast recipe with pancakes! Some like Fried Eggs, others like fruit..well in this game you can have it all! Just drag and drop all your favorite ingredients for breakfast, like berried, whipped...

  • Cat fish Fry Hillbilly Fishing




    The most addicting fishing game you can play, also the most unique style with arcade retro action! This fishing game has a hillbilly style fisher and lots of critters to catch..get ready! Cool new virtual Weekly prize! Now you can try for the virtual prize like Onion Burgers, Corn Dogs, Fishin...

  • Strawberry Shortcake Donuts




    Let's take Strawberry Shortcake batter and make Donuts DIY style! If you like Popin Cookin Style games you'll love Strawberry Shortcake Donuts! This is the ultimate cooking game because you get to control the deep fryer and then the sprinkles! You just have to be fast because you cannot...

  • Chazie's Holiday Dressup




    A very cute Dressup from and Amazing Holiday Fashions and very nice graphics makes this great fashion dressup a needed app for your dressup collection! Download this cute app for a fashion filled day!

  • Chazie's Closet 5




    Excellent dressup "Chazie's Closet 5"! The best collection of Chazie's fav outfits and accessories. This is the best Android Dressup! Choose from dresses shirts, designer jeans, fashion boots and more. A great game to add to the Dollzmania and Cookingdressup lineup!

  • Doctor Dressup



    FREE and are at it again, this time mobile games! This cute DoctorDressup has all the Doctor and Nurse Scrubs and uniforms plus offwork fashions as well! Create both male and female dolls at the same time! See if you can create the perfect Hospital Fashion!

  • Strawberry Shortcake Combo




    Strawberry Shortcake Combo, is an addicting cake cooking game! Combine ingredients in order to build a shortcake! Launch the sponge cake and hit the strawberry creme, sponge cake layer, juicy sliced strawberries, whole strawberry and then whipped cream. You can make two strawberry shortcakes at...

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