Munchie Games

  • Hamburger Hotdog Game




    Do you love to throw food? Do you like Hamburger games or hotdogs? This game is just about throwing hamburgers and hotdogs at two customers as they order! The thing is if you throw what they order they catch and eat it! If you throw something they don't's a big mess! Hamburger...

  • Fish and Serve V2 free




    Fun Fishing game, Fish And Serve Fishing Derby! Win virtual prizes like fishing vests, snacks and more! All you do is catch fish as fast as you can! Weekly Virtual prizes include Pepperoni Pizza, Bacon and Eggs and more! You can also compete on Google Games Leader boards, or try to get all the...

  • Fly Buns


    Flappy Fly Action with crazy fly swatter and retro style action! That's what makes this hard and addicting target game fun! You get a big fly swatter outside and a swarm of cranky flies, try to hit them so they land in the hamburger buns and win! You need a score of 1000 in 35 seconds to win...

  • Strawberry Shortcake FarmBerry




    Strawberry Shortcake is a top dessert, and this game shows you how to create it! You get a collection of organic farm fresh strawberry slices and wild baby strawberries(virtual of course!) You get a sponge cake bottom and fruity cake layers! Then there is the whipped cream section with many...

  • Hamburger Designer




    Hamburger Lover? well start to slather your fav toppings on this custom quality Hamburger! Jalapenos,cheese,bacon its all here and not a single calorie! Just do it right and the chef will come away happy!This is a fun cooking and dressup game in one game! When you have made your best burger, you...

  • Pancake Designer , Diner game




    The ultimate Free Pancake cooking Game! Pancake designer is here! Everyone has there favorite breakfast recipe with pancakes! Some like Fried Eggs, others like fruit..well in this game you can have it all! Just drag and drop all your favorite ingredients for breakfast, like berried, whipped...

  • Cool Juice Designer, Fruity!




    Fruit Games are fun, especially when you make juice! This is not just juice but Tiki punch! If you like making tropical Hawaiian vacation style drinks, then this cooking recipe game for juice is it! Make super tropical style juices with all the extra addons like baby plastic monkey and Japanese...

  • Fudge Brownie Dressup Game




    Fudge Brownie Designer is the ultimate fun dieting app and game! You lose weight because you design a virtual brownie with brownie frosting chocolate chips, drizzled chocolate, more chocolate, even more chocolate, then white chocolate and now start adding nuts! When your finished with your...

  • Easter Basket Dressup




    Easter Basket Dress Up is the best Easter Game! It's cute, simple and just decorate Easter Baskets! Start with a wicker basket, and add colored Easter Grass, a collection of Painted Easter Eggs, marshmallow chicks, cute baby chicks, chocolate rabbits, jellybeans and more! After...

  • Cheesy Pizza Designer




    Pizza cooking game Cheesy Pizza Designer! The ultimate Pizza Dressup and creator game! You get Pizza Crust, Pepperoni,lots of Cheese, onions and even baby fish to design your custom slice with! So stay on your diet AND have a huge cheesy slice! Do you like cheese? This Pizza app has more cheese...

  • Strawberry Shortcake Dressup




    Strawberry Shortcake Dressup! This Free Dressup and Cooking game is actually a cute Dessert Dress up game! You get some delicious virtual sponge cakes to add all kinds of yummy fruits and whipped cream to! You also get some virtual Ice cream scoops, chocolate cookies, and lots of sliced...

  • Jack -O- Lantern Designer




    Halloween pumpkin carving games are fun! Jack -O- Lantern designer gives you a wide variety of noses, mouths, eyes and add-ons to make your carved pumpkins look scary or cute..your choice! You can add spiders and spider web..or cute black cat kittens! Setup your pumpkins in a fun scene, then give...

  • Candy Bar Dressup




    Candy Bar Dressup is the ultimate free candy game! When you bite into a candy bar you see layers, wouldn't it be fun to make your own? Now you can! You get a lot of yummy layers in this game to stack, then you get a ton of peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds and more to pile between the layers! You...

  • Sushi Fishing Trial version




    Fishing Trips are fun, this game takes you on a Mini Fishing trip the old Japan! You get a boat, a Fisherman and a Sushi Chef in the boat! Your task is to catch 25 tuna in 3 minutes! In this Trial Version you get 5 full game sessions for free with all the fish, after 5 the game is disabled, this...

  • Taco Grill Slot Machine


    Fun Slots action combined with a Cooking App game? You bet! This is the craziest Slotmachine app you have played! You get classic 3 reel slots but in order to get at the big payout you need to hit 3 combinations in order! Hit the Loco Chicken, Mr Porky or Missy the Cow in 3 of a kind and you get...

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