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    Download Bug Squish Bug Squish icon
    Bug Squish

    In this game, you try to Squish as many bugs as possible! If you squish enough bugs before time runs out, you advance to the next level. Try to beat all the levels to win the game. NOTE: This is an early Beta (test) version. It is still being developed. You may find bugs and it has areas that can be improved. It is simple, but you or your kids may…

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    Download Zombie Easter Zombie Easter icon
    Zombie Easter

    This is a fun matching game with both Easter and Zombie themes. Each level you beat increases with difficulty as the number of cards increases and time limit descreases. Beat the high score. Have fun! Please email with any issue or enhancement requests.

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    Download Halloween Matching Halloween Matching icon
    Halloween Matching

    A basic matching game with a Halloween theme. Please email me with any issue or enhancement requests

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    Download Christmas Matching Christmas Matching icon
    Christmas Matching

    A fun matching game with a Christmas Theme. Try to beat the best score! Please email me with any issue or enhancement requests.

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    Download Photo File Manager Photo File Manager icon
    Photo File Manager

    Edit and Organize your jpg photo files you take (or copy from computer to edit on the go). Features: Move, Delete, Rename, Create and more on multiple files at one time. Renaming includes options to automatically add date photo taken to be part of file name plus your custom text. Version 1.1 Released Dec 13, 2010 improved performance Email us fo…

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    Download Murry Electronics Support Murry Electronics Support icon
    Murry Electronics Support

    This application is for users of Murry Electronics applications to help debug and resolve issues the user is having. This will collect your phone screen size and other information to help debug and then launch the email application. You will see and can edit any information that is sent to support. THERE IS NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE…

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    Download Music Playlist Editor - ME Music Playlist Editor - ME icon
    Music Playlist Editor - ME

    Create custom playlists for your music using Genre, Year, artist, album and Song. You can get very custom by adding any combination of multiple Genre, Year, artist, album and songs. For example, you can add all your favorite music from 1994 to 1998 and then take out Christmas or other Genres you don't want in the mix. The main screen is easily…

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    Download Clock Watcher Clock Watcher icon
    Clock Watcher

    Don't lose track of time. This app has options to vibrate, play sounds or even speak the current time. You also can choose from the options which times of day to notify you. For example, at work you could set it just on vibrate at the top of every hour ( :00 ) to quietly notify you. At home you could have it say the time out loud. Please send…

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    Download Mute On Demand Mute On Demand icon
    Mute On Demand

    Tired of clicking through multiple menu screens to switch your phone from ring to vibrate when you go to work or to a movie? This widget can be placed right on your phone desktop so you can just click once to toggle between Normal ring, vibrate or silent. If you usually want your phone to be quiet when you go to work, sleep, church or some other…

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    Download Draw On It Draw On It icon
    Draw On It

    This drawing app is a mix of fun and function. You can choose different colors, backgrounds, line sizes and other options to draw and save pictures on your device. You can also choose existing pictures or take a picture with your device's camera as the background to draw on. Use this for fun, drawing on people's faces, crossing off a pictur…

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