• Internet Radio Player




    Internet Radio Player is an app to enjoy any free internet radios to play music, songs, shows, news, festivals, concerts, talks and much more through internet radio stations provided by radio station providers worldwide Internet Radio player supports any internet radio station available in...

  • Countries Capital Flag Quiz




    Countries Capital Flag Quiz is a learning app for kids and students to learn about the countries information worldwide: Our application helps to learn about - Name of the Country - Capital of the country - National Flag of the country Our app offers Lessons using which you can learn all...

  • 2012 at a glance




    2012 at a glance is a wonderful informative application. This application is useful for history lovers. It keeps the data of year 2012 covering the world wide important historic events. Some of the events are categorized in below categories: - History Events - Deaths - Weddings - Divorces...

  • Interesting facts - DYK




    An interesting informational and entertainment application that helps you to become smarter with a DYK (Did You Know). DYK is the piece of interesting information that not only surprise you but also increase your knowledge. To know interesting facts, sharpen your mind and enhance your knowledge,...

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