MVM Studio

  • Spy Camera HD Pro

    Spy Camera HD Pro




    Record high quality video in secret with no sound, no preview screen. With this application, you can record a video confidentially, no one know that you are recording a video. You can watch a movie, play a game or use social network application, web browsers, chat... or do whatever you want...

  • Security Guard - Anti Theft

    Security Guard - Anti Theft




    Please take a look at the video to better understand the behavior of this application. You want to know who was snooping in your phone when you go out? You have an expensive mobile phone and you want protect it? Everything will become easy with Security Guard. This app will automatically take...

  • Spy Photo - Best Spy Camera

    Spy Photo - Best Spy Camera




    Please take a look at the video to better understand the behavior of this application. Starts taking photos automatically and secretly when you click on the icon or volume button. No one knows you are taking pictures because no preview is shown. This app also takes pictures of anyone trying to...

  • HD Screen Recorder - Root

    HD Screen Recorder - Root




    This application works only on rooted devices. Don't install if your device is not rooted. HD Screen Recorder is a high quality video recorder for Android. This is a perfect application for gamers who want to show off their video gaming skills, or anybody looking to demonstrate how an app or...

  • iFlashLight - Best FlashLight

    iFlashLight - Best FlashLight




    Please take a look at the video to better understand the behavior of this application. This app is better than most of flashlight apps in this app store because: • No User Interface: Flashlight can be opened with only one click instead of doing several steps in most of other apps. • Flashlight...

  • Protect My Phone

    Protect My Phone




    You want to protect your device and you don't want anyone to use your device without your consent? You want to know if someone has used your device in an unauthorized manner? Protect My Phone will help you do that. This application will prevent others using your device by using lock screen...

  • Quick Lock Screen

    Quick Lock Screen




    This is an extremely simple and useful application. ★ Helps you to lock the screen immediately by clicking on the icon of the application. ★ No need to use device's lock screen button. ★ Very useful in case your device's lock screen button is damaged. ★ Supports lots of different...

  • Simple Volume Controller

    Simple Volume Controller




    With Simple Volume Controller, you can easily change volume of android phone. There are several volume stream that you can change like music, alarm, notification, voice call... Also, Simple Volume Controller provide a way to help to save the volume configuration. You can switch between them...

  • Tra Cứu Mạng Điện Thoại

    Tra Cứu Mạng Điện Thoại




    Ứng dụng hỗ trợ xác định tên Nhà cung cấp dịch vụ của các số điện thoại di động (Vinaphone, Viettel, Mobiphone, Vietnammobile, Gphone...) CÁC CHỨC NĂNG NỔI BẬT ★★★ Chọn một số từ nhật ký cuộc gọi để kiểm tra tên nhà mạng, tiện lợi trong trường hợp muốn kiểm tra mạng của số vừa gọi (nhận) ★★★...

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