• Baby age!

    Baby age!




    You like to know the accurate age of your baby or child? Namely very accurate? In months, days, weeks, hours! And you like to share these info simple and fast with others? Then, this is your app. Simply add a new baby, take a photo, enter all data and by now you always get an accurate...

  • Track the device

    Track the device




    Track the pathway of a device - without signup - anonymous - transparent (device notifies user when tracking is started) With the App 'Track the device' it is possible to publish the position (GPS) of this device. The GPS-Data is sent periodically to a webservice. In addition to the...

  • SeaHelp





    SeaHelp – the breakdown service at sea With this kind of service, SeaHelp App is offering to all skippers the possibilty of asking for professional help on short notice in breakdown or emergency situations in the areas of Croatia, Slovenia, Northern Italy and the Balearic Islands. After...

  • wp2app



    Our demo wordpress page as app. We have the cheap way from your blog to your app. Ask us.

  • RaspberryPi Controller

    RaspberryPi Controller




    !!! Please report problems or ideas to make it better !!! Simple app to controll your Raspberry Pi. 1. Check if running and connected to net. 2. Shutdown your RaspberryPi 3. Restart your RaspberryPi Tested with Raspbian and Debian on my Raspberry Pi.

  • XTouchpad





    Touchpad and Keyboard App for Linux X-Server over SSH. Required: 1. Installation of "xautomation" on your pc. "sudo apt-get install xautomation" 2. SSH-Server installed App binds to the pc by SSH. First of all insert your SSH-Data. Mouse send rate is needed for smaller...

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