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Street Pool

Street Pool game is the original mix of billiard and arkanoid games – completely new technology called ArkaPool. Simply touch the white ball, when the streetlamp is light on; drag the line with adjusting power and try to aim the other billiard's balls to put in "pockets" - holes of street duct! Move the white ball freely on the board.…

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Lady Rabbit Demo Goaty Edition

Right now download first 5 levels "Adventures of Lady Rabbit" for FREE! Lady Rabbit is preparing to big adventure in 4 worlds at 100 levels. Her fiance, Mr.Piggy has been kidnapped by Ugly Pigs just before a wedding... Let her to rescue him and let the Lady Rabbit To Be Ready For a Wedding! And please do not allow the butchers to kill the…

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Run Checkers

"Run Checkers" game is the another original mix of games from indie developer, Fx Studio. This time it’s hybrid of game like monopoly and some kind of checkers, or backgammon's variation. You can also call it "Samurai Checkers". Simply shake a cup for dicing, choose your checker and direction of moving (clockwise or anticlo…

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Drunk and Roll

Drunk and Roll - another bizarre and crazy game from indie developer “My name is Originality”. This time is mix of tilting & rolling genre as well as endless racing game… When your wife is calling, you need to hurry up, but it’s really hard, when it’s Friday evening. So simply tilting a device to roll the hero and get him back to home. Avoid d…

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