Myanmar Android Authority

  • Barcode Scanner




    Introducing Barcode Scanner - instantly scan barcodes and QR codes with ease. Barcodes can be found everywhere, from the clothing you wear to the food you eat - and with Barcode Scanner, we wanted to solve the mystery of the barcode. Now, with Barcode Scanner, you can find out more information...

  • International News for Myanmar




    International News for Myanmar is actually Myanmar Version of Lonely Planet, Chicken Soup for the Soul, National Geographic and Wikipedia. These interesting news from International News for Myanmar is accessible 24/7 on your Android device. Staying informed has never been this quick, easy or...

  • Currency Converter




    Introducing Currency Converter - the most beautiful way to convert one currency to another. Currency conversion has always been a hassle, but our latest currency converter application makes it a breeze. Currency Converter is an appealing, efficient and always-updated way to convert one currency...

  • Myanmar Coin Toss




    The world first Myanmar Coin Flip on Android! Now 34 coins of Myanmar from Burma Era are added. Coin Flipping or Tossing is extinct in Myanmar nowadays because coins are no longer used. Sometimes, we have to choose hard decision and coin flipping is the possible best way to determine. In real...

  • Singapore MRT Map




    High Resolution Singapore MRT & LRT map. This app works without internet connection and is excellent for people who travel in Singapore MRT & LRT on North South, East West, North East, Circle Line, Downtown Line, Thomson Line and all LRT networks. Exclusive features: * Deep Zoom *...

  • Myanmar Lottery




    This application can check that your lottery number is winning number or not. Updated draws direct to your handset. You can also get current lottery results and previous results of Myanmar Aung Bar Lay Lottery! Winning numbers are updated each month to reflect the most current drawing. English...

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