• Fatty Cow




    Happy spring festival,all IAP goods price 30%~50% OFF! WARNING!!! This cow have to poop frequently! If you or your kid fear shit, DO NOT get close to this crazy monster!!! This is a small cow, some say it looks like a pig, some say it plays like a monkey, and others say his face looks like a...

  • Starry Nuts




    Save the forest from the angry Bat Demon! Bring you to a fairyland where everything seems so real. It had never occurred to you that it only takes one single slingshot to fight off the flowing bats! Slide your finger on the screen to launch the nuts and hit the bats who are trying to steal the...

  • 7.5

    Bouncy Seed




    Make Paul bounce and collect items

  • Ponon! Deluxe




    This could be your long awaiting "block falling" Game! Let's enjoy the Ponon World with superb effect, intense levels, fast shoot out, and perfect user friendly interface. ★classic Mode: Try to hold as long as you can! and get more points!By creating a horizontal line of blocks...

  • What's This?




    WARNING: Much Harder than it looks!!! ★Selected as 'Play Picks' by Google Play over 50 countries★ Here comes this brand new puzzle game which doesn't need any complicated skill but just make fun by your natural graphics intuition. It's simple and novel. Try to recognize the...

  • 天天三國




    限時迎新活動禮上加禮!現在註冊即送禮包,30顆龍玉和S稀有度強力武將助您大戰 四方!老玩家亦有好禮,凡在期間內充值即享受七折優惠。天天三國等待您的加入 ! 《天天三國》是壹款國內首創,以三國時代為背景,植入德州撲克的玩法與武將培養模式的超酷炫RPG卡牌online遊戲。 新穎獨特的玩法,酷炫的戰鬥特效,超Q的原畫風格等遊戲特征。快來吧,壹起爭霸三國打造史上絕強戰隊。 遊戲特色: ★600+史實武將等妳來召喚 貫穿數千年的600多位史實武將齊聚壹堂,華麗登場。他們渴望加入妳麾下,與妳共同開啟《天天三國》的新紀元! ★新穎獨特的戰役系統...

  • Lord of Poker




    FREE DOWNLOAD! JOIN 5-PLAYER REAL TIME BATTLE NOW! Special event is fervent under way!! Log in the game and get SR card + Gem every day during the event! Multiplay battle that shocks 1.7 million players. Go now and join the battle in the world’s frontier with your friend bravely! Dragon and...

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