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  • Pilates Clips - For Beginners

    Pilates Clips - For Beginners




    ****** Awesome Pilates Workouts For Beginners ****** It is now or never, Pilates is one of the most popular fitness workouts that you can do from your home or office. The Pilates Clips App comes complete with video workouts, explanations of Pilates and bonus material. * 23 Pilates Video...

  • La Liga Himnos & Anthem

    La Liga Himnos & Anthem




    Are you a true fan? Do you know the exact lyrics to your favorite La Liga team? Impress your friends by singing the words at home or directly at the stadium. Key Features: Super simple to use. Easy navigate to your favorite team's fight song. 2013-2014 La Liga Teams include: ★ Real...

  • La Liga Himnos 2013-2014

    La Liga Himnos 2013-2014




    Are you a true fan? Do you know the exact lyrics to your favorite La Liga team? La Liga Himnos, contains team anthems with lyrics. Impress your friends by singing the words at home or directly at the stadium. Key Features: Super simple to use. Easy navigate to your favorite team's fight...

  • La Liga Adelante Himnos

    La Liga Adelante Himnos




    Second Division Anthems - Season 2013/2014 Anthems and Hymns for the La Liga Adelante - Alavés - Alcorcón - Barcelona - Córdoba - Deportivo - Eibar - Girona - Hércules - Laspalmas - Lugo - Mallorca - Mirandés - Numancia - Ponferradina - Real Jaen - Real Madrid - Recreativo De Huelva - Sabadell...

  • Spain Basketball - League News

    Spain Basketball - League News




    ★★ Finally, track and read news about Spanish Basketball.★★ The Spain Basketball app is loaded with features so that can check news, scores and stats for the following leagues. ✓ ACB ✓ LEB ORO ✓ LEB Plata ✓ LF ✓ LF2 ✓ EBA ✓ Spain National Teams (Men & Women) Get the latest news in...

  • Rio 2014 Clipboard & Anthems

    Rio 2014 Clipboard & Anthems




    Write up your favorite plays and get motivation from country Anthem. Encourage your team with the clipboard for the 2014 World Championship in Rio Janeiro, Brazil. The app contains a whiteboard to draw your favorite plays, players or anything for fun. The app also contains the anthems of all...

  • Jordans Out - Releases & Quiz

    Jordans Out - Releases & Quiz




    Are you a true Michael Jordan shoe fan?? Can you prove it? Get the latest Jordan Shoe reviews, previews and upcoming releases directly from the Jordan's Out App. Included we have tested your Jordan shoe skills and IQ Levels. With our quiz you'll be able to test how think your shoe...

  • WBBUZZ - Womens Basketball

    WBBUZZ - Womens Basketball




    WBBuzz the most trust International Womens Basketball News, Buzz and Gossip website online. News directly about the WNBA, College Women, Olympics, FIBA Euroleague Womens teams and more. Never miss out on womens basketball news, videos and pictures.

  • Soccer Recipes - Score More!

    Soccer Recipes - Score More!




    "Discover The Secrets To Winning More Soccer Games In Less Than 5 Days" Reviews "Well presented and excellently laid out- well researched having calories for each recipe. Very comprehensive dealing with starters, chicken, fish etc. Generally very favourable and a much needed...

  • UK Basketball

    UK Basketball




    Get direct access to the latest news surrounding UK Basketball. ✓ Read current news about participating teams and leagues. ✓ Full Schedule for both Men & Women competition basketball games ✓ Enjoy the history of the Basketball Games by playing the trivia

  • Lebron James Shoes - Releases

    Lebron James Shoes - Releases




    MVP MVP MVP! GOLD MEDALIST!! LEAGUE CHAMP!! LEAGUE MVP!! Undoubtedly, LeBron James will become the greatest basketball player in history. Breaking records yearly and with hopes of winning his first Professional Championship. The Lebron Shoe App is to keep you up to date with the PAST, PRESENT...

  • Run Illes - Races Baleares

    Run Illes - Races Baleares




    Get the latest news of organized race competitions, results, facebook photos and more in the Illes Baleares. A complete 100% free app that does require internet for optimized use. All logos & trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Disclaimer: Not affiliated with any brands...

  • Athlete Recipes

    Athlete Recipes




    Discover How To Perform At Your Peak Athletic Ability Just By Eating Specific Sport Meals ► If You Are Serious About Out-Performing Your Competitors You Can In 7 Days Or Less... ✓ DO I WANT TO OUTPERFORM YOUR COMPETITION? ✓ DO I WANT HIGHER ENERGY LEVELS? ✓ DO I WANT TO AVOID THAT FEELING OF...

  • Basketballionary - EN a ES

    Basketballionary - EN a ES




    Learn English and Spanish basketball terms that will help you coach, play and enjoy basketball to the fullest. With the easy to learn well designed app, you will get the "Basketballionary". Swipe to the left and to the right, easy to read terms, translated quickly for your use anytime....

  • Yoga Workout Clips

    Yoga Workout Clips


    Yoga Clips will help you start and transition into a master yoga expert in days. Start the new year off right by using Yoga Clips to help you relax and revitalize your body! The video instructions included will help you learn yoga while strengthening your spiritual and breathing mindset....

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