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  • BlackJack Royale - 21 Live




    Play "BlackJack Royale - 21 Live", the #1 top BlackJack game on Andorid for FREE! "BlackJack Royale" is the most authentic blackjack game providing both single player and online multi player with unlimited FREE entertainment, top-tier graphics, and high-quality sound effects....

  • Basketball Games - 3D Frenzy




    Quick Match - Just 30 Seconds to try and we promise you won't put your phone down ! Introducing “ Basketball 3D Frenzy ”, An amazing arcade style Basketball Game with an intuitive 3D Gameplay. All you do is Swipe, to experience the awesomeness and addiction of true 3D basketball physics...

  • Buddies Words Out - FREE




    Once out there in a serene neighborhood, Children were playing Duck,duck,goose. Close by passes a truck dropping a box of ice cream. Curious, as always, the kids inspect and start fighting to get hold of all ice cream. 'Buddies Words out!' helps resolve the scuffle. Ice cream is put on...

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