Nader Ayyad

  • Lebanese Vines

    Lebanese Vines




    Official Lebanese Vines application. Sign in through Facebook and enjoy the Lebanese Vines directly from the app. You can even Like and share the videos to friends.

  • Arab Vines

    Arab Vines




    First Arab Vines Application. Just login through your facebook account and get all the Arab vines between your hands. Like and share feature available.

  • Lebanese Memes

    Lebanese Memes




    A MUST DOWNLOAD APP to Enjoy Lots of Laughs and view the latest and most innovative Lebanese Memes created by the Lebanese meme community that is getting bigger and more innovative day by day. And Yes this funny App is FREE!! Don't Forget to Rate and Leave your Comment. Wishing Lebanon a...

  • Noon Keyboard (Arabic)

    Noon Keyboard (Arabic)




    The First & ONLY Arabic Transliteration keyboard powered by Yamli enabling all users to type English and get Arabic instead. So Simply right how something sounds like in Arabic using English letters and get it in Arabic. Noon also understand "3arabeh" "ba3rif"...

  • Noon Keyboard (International)

    Noon Keyboard (International)




    Noon Keyboard (International) is the first Android Keyboard with a Transliteration option. So its simple: 1- Choose the language you want to transliterate to. 2- Turn on Noon by clicking the Noon Shaped button. 3- Write English(Latin) and instantly get 1 of the multiple languages you previously...

  • Animals Lebanon

    Animals Lebanon




    The Animals Lebanon application and widget are an extension to the website which will help the organization better reach for people to sign the petition to enforce the animal rights law in Lebanon. Using the app you will be able to sign the petition, share and even...

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