• Best Magnifier

    Best Magnifier




    Transforms your mobile phone in a magnifying glass or lens so you can see the smallest details in any situation. You can have it always with you along your mobile to help when needed. It uses your camera torch to add light to the view if necessary. It also has many effects, like sepia, negative,...

  • Die Tiere für Kinder Kostenlos

    Die Tiere für Kinder Kostenlos




    Bringen Sie Ihrem Sohn bei, wie man Tiere erkennt, und welche Geräusche sie machen. Die Benutzeroberfläche ist sehr einfach zu bedienen. Die Anwendung gibt die Tierlaute und ihre Namen auf Deutsch wieder. Sie zeigt Bilder in hoher Qualität als Vollbildansicht mit Fotografien der häufigsten...

  • Chemistry Cheat Sheets FREE

    Chemistry Cheat Sheets FREE




    *** Complete collection of Chemistry Cheat and reference Sheets *** *** Study and check this reference on the go *** The structure of Atom I + Matter. Atom, Molecule and Ion. Element and Compound + Element and Compound The structure of Atom II + Changes in the state of the matter....

  • Leçons gratuites de guitare

    Leçons gratuites de guitare




    Apprenez à jouer de la guitare avec ce livre complet et facile d'enseignements. Cours de guitare comprend également un livre électronique qui va vous apprendre comment lire et écrire des tablatures. Vous êtes dans le métro ou le bus sur le chemin de l'université ou au travail? Vous avez...

  • The Numbers for Children

    The Numbers for Children




    This app teaches the children the numbers in English, what amount of different funny objects each number represents so they can count them. The objects are the most usual for that age so they will learn vocabulary aswell. All the objects are read in English so they can see and relate how it is...

  • Audiolibro:Lazarillo de Tormes

    Audiolibro:Lazarillo de Tormes




    Audiolibro de las aventuras y desventuras del Lazarillo de Tormes. Clásico de la literatura del siglo de oro español de autor anónimo keywords: ebook, audiobook, libro electronico, audiolibro ********************************************************************* NOTA MUY IMPORTANTE: ESTA...

  • Python Reference FREE

    Python Reference FREE




    Get now Python cheat sheets, quick reference cards and learning manuals. All the reference you need to learn Python and consult anything anywhere. ******** CONTENTS ******** Quick Reference Cards ===================== +Python 2.5 Quick Reference Card I +Python 2.5 Quick Reference Card II...

  • C++ Programming Reference FREE

    C++ Programming Reference FREE




    Complete C++ language programming reference from quick reference cards, to programming language training manuals Use the possibilities the mobile brings you, allowing to study or check anything you want on the go. Don't waste time on transportation, use your mobile and study and check...

  • Math Cheat Sheets FREE

    Math Cheat Sheets FREE




    The best Collection of Math cheat sheets and quick reference cards Many Cheat Sheets in your mobile to have the formulas wherever and whenever you want. With this application you can use your travel time to study, or just have it as a quick reference when needed. NOTE: App can be moved to the...

  • Music Theory Lessons FREE

    Music Theory Lessons FREE




    Learn Music Theory on the go. You can study everywhere and anywhere with this electronic music theory for mobile. Contents: ========= Staff, Clefs and Ledgers Note Duration Measures and Time Signature Rest Duration Dots and Ties Steps and Accidentals Simple and Compound Meter Odd Meter The Major...

  • Animali per i bambini FREE

    Animali per i bambini FREE




    Insegnate ai vostri figli gli animali, il rumore che fanno, come scrivere i loro nomi. L'interfaccia è molto facile da usare. Questa è la versione gratuita. Questa versione mostra anche annunci. Parole chiave: animali, bambini, neonati, bambini, gatti, cani, italiano, versi di animali...

  • L'Alfabeto per Bambini

    L'Alfabeto per Bambini




    Insegnate ai vostri figli l'alfabeto italiano con questa applicazione. Saranno vedere e sentire ogni lettera dell'alfabeto con i cartoni animati animali divertenti. Questo semplice, divertente e facile da usare l'applicazione visualizza una lettera colorato e lo accompagna con un...

  • Army Sounds

    Army Sounds




    *** Vote and i will keep adding more images and sounds *** *** NOTE: This app does not relate to any specific army force from a specific country *** This is an application that displays military weapons in action, soldiers, machine guns, autocannons, tanks and also provides real sound recorded...

  • Best Flashlight

    Best Flashlight




    An incredible simple and useful flashlight application for your mobile. With this application you can carry with you everywhere anytime a flashlight in your pocket. This is really useful. You just never know when and where will you need to add some clarity. Maybe you have lost your keys, or some...

  • Learn Spanish Numbers

    Learn Spanish Numbers




    Learn the Spanish numbers and how to write them properly, how they are read. From 0 to billions!. Learn it now and practice. It is a free app and will always be. It intends to help anyone that finds it useful to practice their spanish and their numbers and how are pronounced. Hope you find it...

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