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Raziko is the player for listening Japanese IP Simulcast Radio broadcasting. Raziko requires installation of radiko for Android application. If you can only listen NHK stations, please check whether you have a space on SD card for writing. NHK Rajiru is not accessible from out of Japan. If you have a problem for listening or recording program in…

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Raziko Extension

[WARNING] released new application and current access method will be denied in near feature. At this timing, raziko will not work anymore. for Android uses copy protection from version 3.1. You need to install it by getting package file by Chrome APK Downloader. Raziko Extension module enables additional functionalities for Raz…

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Convert Raziko AAC file to MP3. Bitrate of encoded MP3 file can be change from settings menu. When program information is available, this writes ID3 metadata into file. This application requires WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for reading Raziko saved program file and writing MP3 file to external storage. Also requires WAKE_LOCK…

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