• Street Explore




    Enjoy viewing street around the world!

  • Street Walk




    With Street Walk, you can feel like driving or walking on the street in the city. You only need to specify the start point and the end point of the route, the video along the street are played automatically. It can be also pause and rewind. Enjoy traveling around the world with this app!

  • Satellite View




    Enjoy the view from the satellites!

  • Train Map




    Railway route map around the world. -Railroad / Railway -Subway / Underground -Station -New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Zurich, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Moscow, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei,...

  • Bluetooth Signal




    "Bluetooth Signal" shows signal of bluetooth devices around you. Signal strength is shown in a level meter and RSSI value in dBm. *need to make a bluetooth device discoverable mode.

  • Speedometer




    This app is a simple speedometer for Android. Use for running, walking, cycling, driving, flying ..... Features: -Current speed -Time -Distance -Average speed -Max speed -km/h or mph

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