• WiFi FTP (WiFi File Transfer)

    WiFi FTP (WiFi File Transfer)




    *** Thank You for Over 100,000 Downloads *** WiFi FTP Turns your Adroid Phone into a Wireless FTP Server. You can now copy multiple files, folders, or entire hard drives to your Phone and access this information anywhere. Leave your USB keys behind, your Android Phone can do all that and MORE!...

  • WiFi FTP Widget(Light)

    WiFi FTP Widget(Light)




    WiFi FTP Widget enables you to Open Wireless FTP Server on desktop. You need to install the latest version of WiFi FTP in Android Market. WiFi FTP: ** How to add WiFi FTP Widget on your home screen? - Long press on your home...

  • iHoroscope





    The iHoroscope is a horoscope application which is updated on daily basis.

  • AppAsst





    AppAsst is a tools for application management Android platform,For managing your phone and sdcard applications, and can analyze your sdcard APK program. Features: 1.One Key Backup / Restore; 2.Batch Uninstall / Install; 3.APK Archive; 4.SdCard APK Manager; 5.App2Sd; 6.APP Usage...

  • TaskManager





    TaskManager is a Android phone memory clean and system tools process management software; it can make you more easily switch on and kill the running app. features: 1.One-touch-kill task; 2.Ignore apps when kill tasks; 3.Used Memory information; 4.Package information; 5.Quick start Taskmanger(long...

  • File Explorer

    File Explorer




    This is a file manager based android, it supports files copy, plaster, rename and cut, and launch the corresponding application according to the file types.

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