Nano Equipment Pte Ltd

  • KFC Delivery - Singapore




    Simply download the KFC Singapore Delivery Mobile Ordering App to enjoy great tasting chicken, burgers, rice meals and more wherever you are! You are required to register with your email and password before placing an order. The same login credentials can be used for the app and web...

  • Pizza Hut - Singapore




    Simply register with your email and password before placing an order or you could also use the same login credential for Now you are just a few taps away from ordering your favourite pizzas and pastas. It's easy and fun! You may find these features in the app: -...

  • oktoLIVE!




    __________________________________________________ Important Note: This application is intended for users in Singapore only. ___________________________________________________ oktoLIVE! is a live TV variety show focusing on kids and the youth of today. The show is produced by MediaCorp,...

  • Voice SMS




    Use Voice SMS to record & send voice message via SMS. It is easy to use, with the quick dials feature 3 touches are enough to send a message. Recipient receives normal SMS with a link to stream your voice message. The voice message is in your own natural voice. It is not using text-to-speech...

  • Log My Trail




    When enabled, Log My Trail will continuously log the location of the Android phone on a spreadsheet on Google Docs. The location update frequency is user configurable. It uses GPS and/or wireless networks based location information. Potential Usage: - Create journey logs for record and route...

  • SMS to Google Docs Archiver




    SMS2Google archives your SMS (mobile text) messages to Google Docs spreadsheets directly from your phone. Both received (Inbox) and sent SMS messages can be backed up separately. It supports "Manual Save" and "Auto Save" modes. Manual Save: - Start archiving as and when...

  • CRMdroid FREE




    Mobile CRM for professionals. Supports in-call operation with contacts and call management features. Synchronizes with Google Calendar and Google Docs for collaboration and back-up. Supports user-definable data fields and in-app search. Link your appointments, notes and tasks to telephone numbers...

  • Follow Them




    Follow Them is a location based widget application *It must be used in conjunction with one or more Log My Trail applications. Main Features: - It reads and displays the current locations of up to 4 Log My Trail applications on the homescreen. - It supports Movement Alert (alert icon on...

  • Location Updater




    This app let you post update to your Facebook page. The location name and a Google Maps link of your current location will be posted with your message automatically. It supports photo attachment by browsing the phone album/gallery or capture from camera. Photo attachment will be geo-tagged on...

  • IPCam Widget




    ~~~ IPCam Widget is a Mobile security/Remote Monitoring widget application. It let you view up to 4 remote IP cameras simultaneously on home screen. You may toggle between quadrant view or single camera views. Snapshot display is auto-updated at configurable interval. Snapshot can be saved to...

  • Out-of-Bounds Alert




    OB Alert is a geo-fencing utility. It checks if the Android phone is within a pre-defined range from a Reference Point. If the range is exceeded, it will send a SMS and/or email alert to a pre-defined mobile number and/or email address silently. The current location of the phone will be...

  • CUT




    Let our beautiful host take you through trailers of the latest movie openings in a specially edited video. Updated weekly, we bring you not just main stream releases but also indies. Other features include User Reviews, Short Film of the Week, Get to Know the Host, and Cinema Guide (for Singapore...

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