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  • BlockOut





    Clear with a minimum of moves the game field! Use this action blocks on the right. The action block moves first horizontal, then vertical. Only blocks are removed, which have the same color as the selected action block. Per turn, the blocks can be either reduced or horizontally vertical. Choose...

  • Mini Heli Game

    Mini Heli Game




    Save the helicopter before the missiles. To control the copter moving in the direction of your mobile phone in which the copter is moving. reference The game is currently in development, ideas and suggestions are welcome to be sent by mail to the developer.

  • Ntris



    Ntris is a simple Tetris clone.

  • Math Move

    Math Move


    The aim of the game is to clear the numberblocks away. Sliding to the goats in the series so that the sum results of the individual blocks, where the total number. There are rows of blocks with 2, 3, 4 and 5 Block wildcard available! The more blocks you used to form the sum, the higher the...

  • Block Kombi

    Block Kombi




    Spaces in the given time, the game field! It can only blocks with the same color are cleared. There are several types of cursors available The selection of the type of cursor is under the playing field. The cursor can be rotated with the first button below the game field. With the second button,...

  • MoveBall Trigger

    MoveBall Trigger




    Clear the playing field by abut the wall with your ball as quickly as possible from. To control the ball moving in the direction of your mobile phone in which the ball is moving. If all stones are cleared away, there is a bonus for the remaining time. Have fun and good luck! The game is...

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