• Ringtones Christmas

    Ringtones Christmas




    Merry Christmas ! OH OH OH! Add beautiful Noel ringing your phone. Customize the sound of your phone, including sms, notification and ringtone alarms. Features: - Simple user interface. - Beautiful ringtone. - App2SD - free Tags : Christmas, funny Christmas, ringtones, christmas, xmas...

  • 3D ringtones

    3D ringtones




    3D Ringtones 3D ringtones included many cool ringtone. You can add these ringtones contact and sms notification, alarm. Enjoy these 3D ringtones Features: - Simple user interface. - Add bell contact ringtone and sms notification, alarm ringtone. - Free ringtone. - App2SD Tags : ringtones, 3d...

  • Free Business Ringtones

    Free Business Ringtones




    Ringtones Business. Ringtones Business contains best selection of professional ringtones. Enjoy these cool ringtones! Press and hold the control features including assigning a contact ringtone, set as default ringtone, notification or alarm and more. feature: - Simple user interface. -...

  • Funny sms ringtones

    Funny sms ringtones




    Funny sms ringtones. Funny sms ringtones contains best selection of cool and funny ringtones. Enjoy these funny ringtones! Press and hold the control features including assigning a contact ringtone, set as default ringtone, notification or alarm and more. feature: - Simple user interface. - Set...

  • Fingerprint scanners

    Fingerprint scanners




    The new application revolution "Fingerprint Scanner". This application is made ​​to trap your friends by making them believe that you find their information with their fingerprint. Instructions for use: 1. Press "Place your fingerprint" to access the addition of a profile....

  • Animal sound ringtones

    Animal sound ringtones




    Ringtone animal. Ringtone animal contains a selection of animal sounds. Different cry like dog, cat, lion, T-rex and more. Enjoy these cool ringtones! These animal Ringtone can install as phone ringtone, SMS ringtone and Alarm ringtone. feature: - Simple user interface. - Set as ringtone,...

  • Love Test Scanner

    Love Test Scanner




    Test your love with Love Test. indicate the names of two people and the fingerprint scanner. An algorithm is a calculation of similarity and compatibility score. Language : English, French Tags : fingerprint, fingerprint love, love test, love scanner, love scanner free, scanner, fingerprint...

  • Scare your friends

    Scare your friends




    Scare your friends !! The best application that will make your friends scream in fear. When your friends use your phone a frightening image will suddenly appear with a terrifying sound. How to use? 1. Choose a frightening image. 2. choose a sound scary. 3. Set the time 4. give the phone to...

  • Fingerprint Scanner

    Fingerprint Scanner




    Fool your friends with Fingerprint! Enter their information, they made ​​the scanner fingerprint scanner and have fun seeing them discover their information. Instructions: 1. Enter information in the database. 2. Press "Start" and choose a profile. 3. Give the scanner to your...

  • Animals Sounds & Photos

    Animals Sounds & Photos




    CocoKids edition animals allows children to discover the animal world. A fun application for small to recognize animals and their sounds. instruction: - Press the picture to hear the sound of the animal. - Tap the name of the animal to hear the pronunciation. feature: - 4 categories (Animals,...

  • Sound Kids

    Sound Kids




    Made to your children discover the sounds and images of animals, vehicles and musical instruments. SoundKids contains 36 images and sounds share in several categories: - Animals. - Vehicles. - Musical instrument. instructions: Click on the image to listen to audio. Press the title of the...

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