Nathaniel Kh

  • WiFi Share: Transfer any files




    WiFi Share is a simple application for sharing files and folders over a WiFi network. With WiFi technology transfer any files are faster and free compared to the cellular data network. Make sure the devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Features: -Sharing folders, photos, musics,...

  • Reboot


    A very simple tool for rooted phone to reboot or power off. Features: -Straight forward to reboot / power off -Countdown timer to execute a command -Very small size -No permission needed

  • 5.0

    RMC: Android Call Recorder




    Record My Call allows users to record both incoming/outgoing calls

  • Newsboard: RSS Reader




    Newsboard is a simple RSS reader application with Android Lollipop design and basic features. The application is designed for offline usage. This application able to search RSS link from any keyword and save it in a folder. With 'mark read on scroll' feature, it will be easier to check...

  • Remind My Path




    Remind My Path is an application designed to track your locations at specific time. The application will record your location automatically with certain interval time. Moreover, Remind My Path uses little battery resource because it has limited time when searching current location. What can you...

  • Battery Details




    If there is a problem -Reinstall the app -Change install location to phone(Froyo) Battery Details has a main purpose to avoid overcharge, which can extend your battery life.It will play a ringtone when the battery full

  • Limit My Call




    If you want to call someone with specific time limit, this is an application for you. Limit My Call has a purpose to limits outgoing call automatically based on how long user want. This application useful for some complicated rules by service provider to avoid unnecessary bill. Information...

  • Hit My Face




    Hit My Face is a simple game that requires fast thumbs and good eyes to tap faces. This game only have 2 rules: 1.Hit all green faces before they gone 2.Do not hit red and purple faces The game is small and very light to run on most Android devices.

  • Gesture Viewer




    Gesture Viewer is a program designed to give a quick preview and information about file in android phone. When a file is opened, some gestures are applied: 1.Swap the screen to open next file. 2.Double tap the screen to open with native application. 3.Click to close the preview.

  • Scrambled Letters




    This program scrambles all your individual word into unfamiliar words.However people are able to read it with small effort without a mistake. Features 1.Share the result by e-mail or sms 2.Save original message so it can be accessed again in other time

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