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  • BHBFC Loan Calculator

    BHBFC Loan Calculator




    To take loan, buying and building houses from Bangladesh House Building Corporation, all the accounting information will be available on this app. BHBFC established itself to incorporate Housing Loan on various periods of time and installments. To resolve the housing problem in Bangladesh,...

  • Bangladesh Prize Bond

    Bangladesh Prize Bond




    This App will let you know if you won the prize bond by simply inputting the selected prize bond number. Prize bond is an interest free investment regulated by the Government of Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh finances its domestic expenditure of the country by issuing prize bonds to...

  • Bangladesh National Museum

    Bangladesh National Museum




    Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh believes the National Museum of Bangladesh is an important cultural establishment for the country. The main duties and responsibilities of the ministry is to conserve , spread and create awareness of contemporary arts,...

  • Momota



    This application provides information about how can we take care of pregnant mother and new born baby for reducing the death rate in Bangladesh. User will get more about problems of teen age girls, details about birth control procedure. After getting marry do registration with name and age. You...

  • NAEM





    Organized by National Academy for Educational Management, information on all workshops and trainings for teachers, hours and location will be accessible with this APP. Naem: National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM) under the Ministry of Education of Government of People’s Republic of...

  • Farmer Loan

    Farmer Loan


    Farmer could know about the loan facilities available or provided by different Bank for agricultural sector in Bangladesh. They will also get information about particular type of loan in details. What type of loan available? What is the amount? What is the interest scheme? How can one get it?...

  • BTRC





    BTRC has been working continuously to make telecommunication sector cost effective and convenient by introducing new and modern technology. Their effort resulted in a sharp increase in the number of people using technology. One can get the history of BTRC, its’ mission and vision, employees...

  • Orthokori Fasal Utpadon

    Orthokori Fasal Utpadon


    By using this app you will know details about how to cultivate the valuable crops such as jute, cotton and rice ? How to select or process the land? How preserve seed of those crops? Criterions to select good quality of seed category wise. How to give fertilizer to the land depending on size and...

  • Ac Calculator

    Ac Calculator


    AC load calculator….. Using this calculator, user could calculate AC load for a particular room regarding room area, height and numbers of person stay in the room. Use this virtual AC load calculator that will assist you to calculate exactly how many tones AC is needed for your room to maintain...

  • Nursery Seba

    Nursery Seba


    This APP provides information about the nursery and its different types of tree located in different districts or Thana around the country. It will also present information details about how to take care of those trees. Moreover, phone number of the owner of nursery is available so that user can...

  • Far Calculator

    Far Calculator


    This app will provide facility to calculate the floor area ratio (FAR) of a particular area of land very easily and accurately. To construct new building the city area, user need to get permission from relevant department with necessary documents. FAR is one of the most important documents. FAR...

  • Family Planning

    Family Planning


    Teen ager will get information about health related issues such as: HIV aids, food catalog for Teen ager, sexual harassment and related laws, address and contact details of the organization from where they can get help relevant to the mentioned issues. Some numbers will be provide to consult...

  • Hospital Finder

    Hospital Finder


    This app will show nearest hospitals around you as well as hospitals information with contact details. You could see their list of services available and doctors list with their detailed resume. Along with that you will get contact details (such as address, phone number etc) of hospital in...

  • Immunization alert

    Immunization alert


    What does every new parent need? Support. Advice. Reminders. Reasons to laugh. Keep it all by your side 24/7, along with a personalized daily calendar for immunization. The free My Baby Care app is here to help you simplify daily life and be the best parent possible through each stages of your...

  • Nazrul Sangeet

    Nazrul Sangeet




    The directory of the songs of the National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam called ‘Nazrul Sangeet’ sung by various artists will be available on this APP. Moreover it will include some of the songs that were sung by Kazi Nazrul Islam himself. Nazrul Sangeet: Nazrul institute is under the Ministry of...

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