• Check Charge




    Check charge is free of charge app which indicates the battery charge level of your device. Check charge is a small, sleek and elegant app that will help you to follow the current battery percentage and temperature of the battery on your device. When Mobile Charger is Connected, Check charge...

  • Destination Locator




    Destination locator - You can search and find places close to where you are. This app helps you to find out Popular & Important Places. This app Support more than 10 different categories like the nearest - ATM - Coffee shop - Hospitals - Police station - Bus station - Fire...

  • Light App




    Light app is simple & well designed. It is used in the device with has a bright camera flashlight as a torch. High responsiveness & available for all android phones. Camera flashlight is not present in your device, we can use device screen as a torch. Multicolor are there , just swipe...

  • Voice mail




    Recorded audio and video can be send via email. Record audio format support mp4 and 3gp. Record video format support mp4. Easy and simple to use. No annoying Ads

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