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  • Aquatic Plants

    Aquatic Plants




    Whether you're a professional botanist or a casual nature enthusiast, the NC State University (NCSU) Aquatic Plants app has detailed information on a wide variety of aquatic plants to assist in identification. The NCSU Aquatic Plants app contains well organized and detailed information, as...

  • NCSU Lawncare

    NCSU Lawncare




    NCSU Lawncare app now comes to Android world! Designed for easy use - the Lawn Care app will help take the mystery out of making your North Carolina lawn the envy of the neighborhood! Living in the Southeast? Have insect, weed, disease, or pest troubles? Not sure what fertilizer you should put...

  • Stink Bug Decision Aid

    Stink Bug Decision Aid


    The Stink Bug Decision Aid App is a tool to help you decide the most economical time to manage stink bugs. It combines knowledge from eight years of research across five Southeastern US states and 58 trial locations. Features include high-resolution photographs of live adult and nymph stage...

  • NC State On Campus

    NC State On Campus




    Wolfpackers, On Campus is your guide to life on campus at NC State University. On Campus has been designed to meet the needs of current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and visitors. With On Campus, you can quickly and easily: Find people on campus by searching the directory Check out...

  • NCSU Student Media

    NCSU Student Media




    NC State Student Media is the official app for the Student Media department at North Carolina State University. The app features the daily student newspaper, Technician, the 24/7 radio station, WKNC 88.1 FM, the weekly African-American newspaper, Nubian Message, the yearbook, Agromeck, and the...

  • TwigID



    Winter twig keys to common, fully deciduous trees and phanerophyte shrubs of the North Carolina eastern Piedmont. This app was developed primarily for use in a Local Flora course at North Carolina State University. As others may find it useful, we are releasing it here. Please note that the...

  • Rare





    This app is designed for environmental professionals and agency biologists. It treats all federally listed plant species (and the single listed lichen) of North Carolina and their congeners. The dichotomous keys provided are heavily illustrated and may be expanded or collapsed to reveal or hide...

  • Pitcher Perfect

    Pitcher Perfect




    This resource is designed for anyone (youths to adults) interested in identifying pitcher plants (Sarracenia spp., Sarraceniaceae) in North Carolina. All species are illustrated with photographs. A photographic identifying key is provided to facilitate identification.

  • NCSU Sports Turf

    NCSU Sports Turf




    Whether you’re a professional superintendent for a pro team or a local high school athletic field director, the NCSU Sport Turf App contains sports turf specific information to help improve your fields. The NCSU Sport Turf App provides instant access to information with topics ranging from...

  • NCSU TickID

    NCSU TickID




    Ticks are both a human and animal nuisance and human health risk because they transmit diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and others in the US. TickID provides basic information that may be helpful as a first step in tick identification of those most important in human...

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