• Foreign Currency Converter




    No more financial surprises. Circa 170 currencies!! after the first currency update. (including gold, silver, platinum etc) With this “on the fly” Currency Converter you always know how much something costs, whether you are on vacation in a foreign country or you are buying items on internet....

  • Hands Free Auto Answer




    Automatically answer your phone, without touching it. Designed for bicycle- and motorcycle-couriers, but also ideal for recreational bicycle- and motorcycle-riders. Even in the car it is the safest option. How does it work? Bicycle/Motorcycle Your phone is in your pocket or even in a plastic...

  • Simple Calculator




    No flags, No bells... Just a simple calculator, nothing more. Sometimes you just need to do some short and simple calculations. That's what this calculator is for. There is +, -, X and / and that is all. Not even a decimal point (except in the result of course). It does show you exactly...

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