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  • Tourettes Guy Soundboard

    Tourettes Guy Soundboard




    By popular demand here is the Tourettes Guy soundboard. New Favorites Feature! Long press any sound button to save it as a favorite. All of your favorites will be displayed on the Faves screen for easy access! Hold down a button to save it as a ringtone/notification.

  • FartDroid Fart Machine

    FartDroid Fart Machine




    Farts are FUNNY! I know it and so do over 2.5 million FartDroid users. Recommended by AppGoVideo.com (http://www.appgovideo.com/). FartDroid is one of the first and still the best Fart App on Google Play! Record your own farts and play them for your friends! Loud Farts, Squeeky Farts, Wet...

  • Space Invasion

    Space Invasion




    Make your way back to the mothership! Destroy the enemy ships before the destroy you!

  • FartDroid Full - Fart Machine

    FartDroid Full - Fart Machine




    Happy New Year!!! FartDroid Full is on sale for the holidays! FartDroid is the biggest and best fart machine available on Google Play! * hundreds of farts * fart time bomb * motion activated farts * sound activated farts * easily access favorite farts * fart recorder *...

  • Pocket Guard Dog

    Pocket Guard Dog




    The Pocket Guard Dog app includes several different audio clips of dogs Barking and Growling. There's also a sound activated mode which is great for pranks. This app was made for the fun of it. I like to plug in some speakers and press one of the buttons to scare away solicitors.

  • Moo!





    Remember those old toys, the can that you turn over and it goes MOOOOOOO like a cow? Well I do and I wanted one to carry with me so here it is. Turn your phone over to hear the moo sound or shake to hear the moo shake. press menu button to share this app. UPDATE: added apps2sd

  • FartDroidTV Fart Machine

    FartDroidTV Fart Machine




    Make your TV Fart with FartDroid. This is a special version of FartDroid designed specifically for Google TV. The first Fart Machine designed for GoogleTV! Great for dinner guests! Good to use for getting rid of those pesky solicitors! Have fun! Please email me with any comments or...

  • Executor





    THE EXECUTOR was modeled after the retro 80's noise making keychain. The Executor android edition comes complete with all 8 original sounds! Machine gun Bomb Space gun phasers explosions and more!

  • Gobble





    Turn the can upside down to hear the turkey gobble. This app is just like Moo! except with a turkey. Turn the can upside down to hear the turkey gobble That's it! that's all it does. Press the Menu button to access the new share feature.

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