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  • Shake Detector




    This is an app to detect shake by simulated tadpoles. When there is a shaking from sensors inside of an Android Phone or Tablet, the sensor data will cause the tails of tadpoles to swing quickly. This app may detect hand tremor like Parkinson's disease by holding an android phone or tablet...

  • Snaml Book




    Note: Double Tap on Screen to Show/Hide Snaml Cross Control. How do you manage 1000+ web sites? How do you build a HTML5 catalog book for easy preview? How do you organize a series events in timeline? Snaml Book Lite is a 2D Web Organizer, 4-Way Web Navigator, and a Fullscreen Web Browser....

  • Snaml Card Lite


    Snaml Card Lite for Android is a Web Organizer, Navigator, and Browser for Android Phone. It allows you to catalog favorite web sites, browse or preview them in four directions. ★★★ Introduction ★★★ You can manage and navigate HTML5 pages, JPEG photos and H.264 movies easily through Snaml Card...

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