• Brain Games




    Challenging mini puzzle games that exercise your mind and keep your brain sharp. These puzzle games are hard and addictive. See your high score improve as your brain gets stronger with practice. Bring out the hidden genius in you. Brain games are short mini games that keep you entertained and...

  • What's the game?




    Gamers test your knowledge! Do you think you are a Gaming expert? See if you can guess the name of the game from the image. The levels get harder as you progress. Includes new games: MINECRAFT, GTA, BATMAN, ANGRY BIRDS Retro games: PACMAN, DOOM,ASTEROIDS, PITFALL and many more.. Features: -...

  • Guess The TV Quote




    Think you know your TV shows and movies? Challenge yourself by guessing the famous catch phrases and quotes by looking at the puzzle. The levels get harder as you progress and really make you think. Train your brain and guess the saying. Features: - No annoying popup ads. - 110 Levels of the...

  • Next Bus Sydney




    Find out when your next bus is arriving at your bus stop, just punch in you bus stop number and press go! Next Bus Sydney uses real time GPS devices on the bus to let you know the REAL time the buses will be arriving at your bus stop, not the time listed on the timetable. This application uses...

  • 4 Pics 1 Rhyme




    4 Pics 1 Rhyme - a new twist to your favorite 4 pics 1 word game. Test your rhyming skills by guessing the four words that rhyme by looking at the hints. This challenging game trains the left-hemisphere of your brain which is responsible for processing language. If you like brain puzzles...

  • Guess the Phrase




    This game will have you thinking hard. Each level has a picture which is a clue. Try and guess the word from the clue in the picture. Use hints if you get stuck, or ask your friends. More levels coming soon. Features: - No annoying popup ads. - 100 addicting sayings - Win free coins by sharing...

  • Reddit Jokes




    The best of the Reddit Jokes threads compiled into a an application.This application has a few hundred of the funniest jokes found on the internet. Instead of scanning through thousands of low quality jokes, get access to the best. Only the top scoring jokes found on the most popular Reddit...

  • 2 Player Simon




    This game is a 2 PLAYERS ON 1 DEVICE version of Simon. A new version of the classic "Simon says" or "Copycat" game. You can have fun and train your memory at the same time. This version of Simon not only trains your memory, it also improves your reaction time. If you like 2...

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