• League Soundboard - New




    New and (hopefully) improved version of my original League of Legends Soundboard. Unfortunately I lost my developer key for the old version and couldn't release any code updates. So, I rewrote it :) Note: Sounds are in *English only* League of Legends Soundboard strives to be the most...

  • League of Legends Soundboard




    Check out the new version at : Since I have gotten complaints about this (even though it's in the change log already...): :To answer questions about the new access log permission: This permission is used by ACRA...

  • DotA2 Soundboard




    DotA2 Soundboard strives to be the most complete soundboard for the DotA2 game by allowing the ability to download a complete sound pack for every hero! We even have packs for the secret shop and the announcer! All packs can be downloaded directly from within the application menu itself. Packs...

  • Demacia!




    League of Legends based application. Let's you face check bushes all day without your team getting mad! Just be careful.. Might run into Garen! Please note: This is a joke application, not meant to be taken seriously in any way. Also, without having played League of Legends, you likely...

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