Neil Baphna

  • Jainism




    Best app for Jainism on android market. Features: * 24 tirthankar's slideshow with navkar mantra in background. * In built bhajan, navkar mantra, bhaktambar stotra, aarti, etc. * Many short stories for children. * Inspirational Jain videos. * Links for various Jainism websites. * And many...

  • Future SMS




    1) Forgot to wish girlfriend on her b’day right at 12.00!! 2) Couldn’t get the chance to send marriage wishes because you were in a meeting with a client!! 3) Missed to send the important update to your group!! ..Not a problem anymore. Now with "Future SMS" you can set the date, time...

  • Out Call Blocker




    Control your outgoing calls and possibility of any misuse of your phone with the password protected security feature. You can either choose to display a customized pop-up message when anyone tries to make a call or can disable the pop-up message as well so that no one will come to what is...

  • Paint N Share




    Now you can Save and Share your doodles on Social network as well as on Box!! Features: * Kids Mode - Random bright colors and effects on each stroke. * Colored rings with different brush colors and styles - first select brush type then colored rings. Try placing a thumb and your index finger...

  • Game Cheats - High Graphics




    High graphics version of "Game Cheats" Android app. Now find out cheat for your consoles with High Graphic background on every page with over 140 game backgrounds selected randomly. Time to SHOW OFF!! Genuine Note:- 1) App contents are same as "Game Cheats" app except...

  • Game Cheats




    Struggling with your favorite video games? Not anymore with the Game Cheats App in your Android courtesy! Find your game and set off in the right direction with the swipe of a finger. This app contains nearly 60,000 listings for over 8,600 unique games. WHOP!! Game Cheats...

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