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  • 讀寫人




    “讀寫人”(是國內著名的讀書網站。“讀寫人”手機應用軟件爲讀者提供了一個在移動裝置上閱讀書評、書話類文章的平台。在這裏讀者可以讀到衆多位專業書評人的最新文章,也可以浏覽各大報刊書評版(如《東方早報·上海書評》、《南方都市報·閱讀周刊》、《晶報·深港書評》、《新京報·書評周刊》)的最新內容。 “讀寫人”手機應用支持“離線閱讀”,用戶可將感興趣的文章全部下載,在沒有網絡的地方照常閱讀。 《南方都市報·閱讀周刊》曾經評論:“‘讀寫人’可能是全國內容最全的讀書網站。”希望“讀寫人”的手機應用成爲全國最好的讀書類移動應用軟件。...

  • Vegetarian Recipes




    Looking for vegetarian recipes? Want to learn vegetarian cooking? Here are more than 500 vegetarian recipes! From Apple Dumplings to Yorkshire Pudding, this Vegetarian Recipe app contains so many cooking recipes to gratify the most discriminating tastes! Unlike other recipe apps, this Vegetarian...

  • Chinese Recipes Free




    Love Chinese food? Want to learn Chinese cooking? Here are 100 free Chinese recipes! Use these easy to follow recipes to cook authentic and delicious Chinese food! You will find Chinese cooking is fun! Below are some of the Chinese cooking recipes included in this app (and you can find much more...

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