• Silly Bird Jungle Run

    Silly Bird Jungle Run




    Silly Bird Jungle Run is a FREE fun and addictive game. Guide this cute bird through the forest and compete with your friends! Silly Bird Jungle Run offers a fast gameplay where you have to tap precise and quick. Share your result on Google+! Show your friends how you are doing, invite them...

  • Doodle Glow Paint & Draw LT

    Doodle Glow Paint & Draw LT




    Completely new and refreshing Light Version of Doodle Glow Paint & Draw! This is a very simple and small (250 KB!) application but it offers everything you need to unleash your creativity! Paint on empty canvas or choose images from your gallery! Edit image with these amazing glowing colors...

  • Rage Comics Creator

    Rage Comics Creator




    Meme Rage Comics Creator is finally here! The most easiest and fun rage comic maker! Now available with online meme rage gallery! Features: ❤ OVER 250 RAGE FACES ❤ ❤ IMPORT IMAGE FROM YOUR GALLERY ❤ ❤ FLIP RAGE FACE ❤ ❤ COPY RAGE FACE❤ ❤ ADD TEXT ❤ ❤ DRAW ON IMAGE ❤ ❤ ADD GRIDS ❤ ❤ SAVE TO SD ❤...

  • How To Draw - For Kids

    How To Draw - For Kids




    Learn how to draw! This app offers you a step by step instructions on how to draw animals, flowers, cars, airplanes, buildings and much more! Kids can try and learn how to draw on the canvas. They can paint, draw and modify given shapes! Main features: Learn how to draw with step - by - step...

  • Meme Generator Lite

    Meme Generator Lite




    The most simple meme generator application! Create your meme image in a few seconds! Turn any photo into a meme image! Choose photo from your gallery, write text and share it on all social networks! Searchable list with over 500 meme images! This is the Lite version which means that it...

  • Air Attack Airplane War Games

    Air Attack Airplane War Games




    Try our new game - Air Attack Airplane War Games! Guide the protagonist plane and destroy enemies on your way. Try to score as much points as you can! COMPLETE GOOGLE GAME SERVICES SUPPORT DOODLE GRAPHICS DIFFERENT ENEMIES - SHOOT ON PLANES, HELICOPTERS AND TANKS DIFFERENT WEAPONS This game...

  • Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw

    Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw




    Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw Who doesn’t remember coloring as a child? Now, this kids favourite past time is available to you anytime, anywhere! With Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw, we’re bringing this timeless classic into the 21st century. Finding paper and colouring canvas for your...






    POP POP BALLOONS FOR KIDS! Try to pop and tap as many balloons as you can in 1 minute! A fun and relaxing app for you and your children. Enjoy pretty cartoon style atmosphere and funny background music. Suitable for preschool kids and adults. REASONS WHY THIS GAME IS BETTER THAN OTHER BALLOON...

  • Cracked Screen-Clap & Whistle

    Cracked Screen-Clap & Whistle




    Cracked screen is a new fun application - amazing for parties and hang outs! Show your friends that you are wizard who can break your Android device with WHISTLE OR CLAP! Trick your friends to think that you have a broken screen on your device This apps offers: Cracked screens that you can...

  • Beauty & Mood Photo Scanner

    Beauty & Mood Photo Scanner




    ------------------------------------- ★An app about beauty and love. ★Feel more confident and happy ► FEATURES: ------------------------------------- ★ Choose photo from your gallery or directly from camera ★ Beauty photo scanner will scan your photo and show you results ★ Pinch...

  • SuperKids Coloring Drawing Pro

    SuperKids Coloring Drawing Pro




    Super Kids Coloring and Drawing - NO ADS Who doesn’t remember colouring as a child? Now, this favourite past time is available to you anytime, anywhere! With Kids Coloring Painting Drawing, we’re bringing this timeless classic into the 21st century. Finding paper and coloring templates for...

  • Meme Rage Photo Editor

    Meme Rage Photo Editor




    Troll your friends and colleagues with this fun app Meme Photo Editor! Swap rage faces, add text and silly filter effects on your photo! Share your life experience by putting the funny meme faces in your photos! Post photos to our online gallery or share them on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!...

  • Jungle Clumsy Birds

    Jungle Clumsy Birds




    Jungle Clumsy Birds is new Flappy Game , exciting and challenging game. Guide this cute bird through the jungle and try to gather as many fruits as you can. Jungle Clumsy Birds Game game offers more excitement and thrill that will surely satisfy you! Play this flappy game by journeying with...

  • MachUp Game For Kids

    MachUp Game For Kids




    MachUp Game For Kids is a fun and addictive way to improve your and your kids' memory skills! The game was specially designed for children. Fantastic design by Yurike...... There are so many Funny Creatures here! And your task is to find these same and match them up. Have fun! How to...

  • World Flags Guess & MatchUp

    World Flags Guess & MatchUp




    Learn World Flags in a fun and exciting way! This game contains more than 200 flags! 2 Game modes - Flags Guess and Flags Memory Flags Guess: Guess 20 different flags given the country name Flags MatchUp: Pair 2 same flags Time Mode: Guess all flags in one minute! Share your highscore on...

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