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Download Irish Slot Irish Slot icon
Irish Slot

Irish symbols based slot machine simulator. Instead of fruits and other well know symbols on slot machines we used Irish symbols. Features: ● 3 reel ● one pay line ● Bet from 1 to 10.

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Download Royal Hearts Slot Royal Hearts Slot icon
Royal Hearts Slot

Classical 3 reel slot machine game. With mixed symbols from other slot machines. It’s totally free to play. Don’t worry money is virtual. Features: ● 3 reel ● one pay line ● Bet from 1 to 10. Have fun.

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Download Sk8 Trick Picker Sk8 Trick Picker icon
Sk8 Trick Picker

This is an easy to use utility for skateboarders. It will randomly suggest a flat ground skateboard trick. You can use it for playing game of s.k.a.t.e or for getting ideas for skateboard training. You also can personalize tricks buy simply checking or unchecking them from the list. So if you don't like some of tricks simply uncheck them. Also…

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Download Lucky 7 Lucky 7 icon
Lucky 7

Simulator of popular casino game Lucky 7, also known as Seven and Stripes. This slot has 3 reels and one pay line. Maximal bet is 10 virtual coins. No real money is involved so you may relax and have fun. Features: ● 3 reel ● one pay line ● Bet from 1 to 10.

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Download S.k.8.D S.k.8.D icon

This program is based on popular skate dice. Maybe we should call it skate dice simulator. It’s useful toy for playing game of s.k.a.t.e or even to give you ideas for your skateboard training. Simply with shaking phone or touching it’s screen you’ll get many variations of flat trick.

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Download Touch The Numbers Touch The Numbers icon
Touch The Numbers

Fast fingers game with a simple task, tap numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can. For a better game experience, we have implemented Leaderboards and Achievements. So you can track how you stand among other players and see who have better observation and faster fingers. ● Score sync ● Google Play Games ● Google Play Leaderboards ● Achievements…

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Download Usa Slot HD Usa Slot HD icon
Usa Slot HD

Slot casino game based on base on USA national symbols. We hope that you will like it and have fun. If you have an idea about additional symbols please email us. Please if you run this game on small screen device have on mind that this game have hd textures and that interface is designed for large screen devices. Features: ● 3 reel ● one pay lin…

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Download DefyLens DefyLens icon

This utility will help you to check if you have Green or Red lens on your Motorola Defy mb525. FOR ACCURATE RESULT USE MOTOROLA FACTORY ROM OR CYANOGENMOD CM7. Don't work on ms2ginger. If you run it on other device then Motorola Defy result is pointless. Note: this app is supported with admob ads. Permissions used: INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWO…

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Download Dog Whistle Dog Whistle icon
Dog Whistle

This utility is a dog training and a dog repellent whistle in same time. Also you can use it with other animals like cats, birds, etc. Most pets can hear a much higher frequency than humans. As the frequency of a sound is higher it will draw more attention. Due to the limitation of phone devices we have picked a few frequencies that should work on…

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Download Golden Cherry HD Golden Cherry HD icon
Golden Cherry HD

Golden Cherry slot is a variation of classic 3 reel cherry slot machine, also called fruits slot. This game is designed for play on big screen devices. . Features: ● 3 reel ● one pay line ● Bet from 1 to 10.

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